Saturday, October 6, 2012

Resepi YB : Yazid Burger Seksyen 7

Assalamualaikum guys... So pheww, this week was a very hectic as lots of things need to be done and alhamdulillah I managed to settle everything without any difficulties. Wow, sound really islamic, rite?

As promised in my previous post that I'll talk about this super glamour, tasty and scrumptious YB Burger that is sell at S7 behind the UniSel, so here it is. To compare this burger with other burger that I've ate, I think this one is the biggest one. Up till now. Basically, this burger is made of minced beef that was being compressed and was put in between of bread. Add on some more vegetables, mayonnaise,  sauce as well as black pepper sauce and that was it, YB Burger. LOL's, that maybe too simplistic or way too simple. Maybe there are lots more steps that was taken in order to prepare the course as it is very sinfully taste.

Moving on to the best part which is a photo talk;

The store that sell the YB Burger. It is just behind the UniSel.
Side view of the burger. The black pepper sauce is really delicious and addictive. Should ask them to put extra.
Upper view of the burger. If am not mistaken even the bread is self-made.
Now is the cross sectional of the burger. Just look at the thickness of the meat. Really meaty and tender if I got to say.
My help. It just as a starter.
Due to it super-BIG size, we need too cut it into pieces so that it will be easier for us to take it in.
Overall, the burger is really tasty and it is not disappointing. With just MYR 20.00 you can get the half kilogram burger and if you plan for a kilo, just cross multiply the price with 2. One more thing, as we were buying it and brought it home means cemara, they packed the burger just like a cake is being pack. So, it was easier to be brought back home.

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