Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Outing Around Kuala Lumpur

If anybody ever read or just having a glance on my written-style in this blog, you all may realise that I usually the person who is lazy to be a long-winded writer and I always ask the photo to the talking rite??? but for this posting, as a special edition of my post, I will try to write as long as I can until I feel asleep and fed up. So, are you all ready to rumble.

First, lets begin the post with a picture to make the flow of the story become more clearer. I spend like one and a half day in KL with my family and having some gathering and a good time together.. This gathering was super fabulous and amazing. The gather begin with an in-purposes and useless visitation to I-City, Shah Alam. Except the photo with the colourful lighted-trees, there is nothing more to be shouted out. According to what I observed, most of the visitor are from Pantai Timur which indicate that Pantai Timur's citizen love lighted-trees. Perhaps. Besides, there is also Ferris Wheel there. So, to those who are addicted to korean drama, you should give it a try because in korean dramas, LOVE always begin there.

My favourite arc which I called Hydra.
Next, over-posing photo under the paradise of light heat. It is not that bad actually.
And of course, my extra large face-captured. Hiding behind the giant sunflower. New plants that had grown here; Sunflower.
Then, the excitement of the gathering does not stop here, but actually it is just a start to the more blissful, chuffed and gratified event. On the next morning, we had been planned to be at Ulu Yam's Waterfall or "Air Terjun Ulu Yam" which is so popular among the citizen of KL. The water is really undeniably cold and refreshing. I think that the water sources is from the Genting Highland which prove the coldness and the crystal-clear water of the waterfall itself. 

Everybody is sink in the incitement of swimming. Laughing from ear to ear. =)
On this vacation, I took the call to give a try for my camera's ability to resist water and able to capture picture from underwater. You know what, it is totally worthy and super dumbfounding as the advancement of technology can even reach up to this limit now-a-days. Now watch and please be stunning.

Look, how amazing am I underwater. Even initially I feel a little nervous to give it a try, after much provocation and provocation from my brother and younger brother, I bravery myself to give it a try and look the outcome.
Another smiling captured-image underwater. From this view, I truly think I am gorgeous. =) **perasan 
And a little cute perhaps. ***koh3x, muntah darah...
This occurrence become more fun because we are having BBQ and it was specially prepared by our damn gorgeous mom. What ever she cook, she is a pro and the food will be truly appetizing and lush cause she did it with an extra love and care.

Look, how ke"ibu"an is my mother is??? she is really a SUPERMOM. please be jelous OK.
The joyfulness does not just stop here but it ended up with a little dinner together. We are heading to Aroma Ikan Bakar, Jeram. Here, they serve with a lot of seafood, fresh seafood that will make you craving to death to have it. *Over-reacted* . For this one, I plan to write is in my next post because when it come to food-related post, it may take a long talk..because it is food. ^^

Do wait for my upcoming post about Aroma Ikan Bakar, Jeram.
So, till here...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vacation to Batu Berangkai, Kampar, Perak.

So, how's your holidays? Mine was fine and super fantastic. Becoming a student of INTEC is actually damn lucky because our holiday is way too much and so much things can be done during the intervals except reading books-related to study and also finishing ISSUE REPORT. Moral of the story, do give a lots of holiday but never give homework to be done during it because the two of them never match one another. As a saying goes, "Holiday is about fun. Thus, do give time and no homework during it, cause it will make you stress when you are on holiday with tons of work to be done."

Now, lets come to the intention of the post after much much of mumbling of crapping, but lets the photo do the talking to prevent over-story telling... First of all, welcome to Batu Berangkai, Kampar, Perak Darul Ridzuan as the tourist site for this year;

The overview of the crystal-clear of the Batu Berangkai's waterfall.
The water is so cold and refreshing. this spot, it feel like Jacuzzi.
Me, my nephew and niece enjoying the vacation up to the fullest.
My niece, Aishah. After a long time, human face is now reappearing in my blog.
Now, meet my nephew, Hakim and hidden Hamizan. those water are truely amazing. believe me.!!
And many more human faces. Meet half of my nephew and niece plus my beloved gorgeous mom.
So, how does this place look like. Heaven rite. Thus, what you waiting for, now go and grab your towel and do travel here with your family because this place is way better than beaches in Perak except Pulau pankor perhaps, cause i never been there yet..One day maybe..till here =)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Trip To Cameron Highlands...

Welcome To Cameron Highlands.
Lately, my life is very amazing and full of excitement. I do really enjoy every single second and moment of my life. LOL, cut the crap out and let make it straight to the point. yesterday, i went up to Cameron Highlands. it is just a day trip as we (including other members of the vacation team) went there right after dawn and come back just before it getting dusk. so, is there anything new back in Cameron Highlands? compare to my last visit there when i was in form 2, 5 years ago to be precise.

Actually, there is seem to be nothing special and different to be shouted out  here as visiting Cameron Highlands is like repeating the same vacation that i have done it 5 years ago; flowers, bees, waterfall, tea, and what is the most exciting is strawberries. nothing special and nothing interesting thou. plus, the chilling sensation at Cameron Highlands now start to disintegrate as more and more trees is being cut down.

During our arrival, the sky seem to be dark as it going to rain thus make the surrounding a little bit chilling up to my anak sedara's mouth turn to dark blue due to the coldness perhaps but as it come to noon where to sun glare persistently on the earth of Cameron Highlands, even me get sweating indicating how warm is here. but what make me feel so fun is that many Malaysian even care to wear sweater in this kind of condition.perhaps their skin is way too thin make them chilling too, here is some of the photo during the vacation.

Flower of the day. what interesting there is the colorful flower across the garden.
Another blooming flower.
Extra sweet and mouth-watering strawberries. there are MYR 5, 7 and 18 strawberries packaging.
Welcome to the Cameron Valley where tea plants is being grown.
Acting in the middle of the tea plants.
The bee farm visitation. this one is trigona Bee.
Final destination, Lata Iskandar. the water is so cold and refreshing.
So, that is all the story of my trip to Cameron Highlands. Another post that is related to this post will insyaAllah will be posted in no time. till then, assalamualaikum and peace be upon to you. =)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shikiya @ Low Yatt, Kuala Lumpur

Lately, the progress of my blog being updated is quite slow and getting slower day by day, week by week and perhaps it will not reach the limit up to once a month. So, it has been three weeks of holidays but I don't even once touch my book to do revision because  of the nightmare that i just experiences during the end of sem exam. pheww, just Allah know how difficult it is on me and I just can hope and pray for the best. InsyaAllah.

Back to the senses, today, again another food-related post which is Shikiya, a restaurant that served Japan, Thai and Fusion cuisine. But as  for this trial, we attempt to do suicide mission by give a try on its Japan cuisine. Even initially, we were on state of subhah as after going on googling about Sakae Sushi and Sushi King that does not ask for the Halal Certification from the authorise JAKIM, we just ran in and directly ask the manager which is Malay and pakai tudung which exhibit that she is a pure malay islamic muslimah, and she conveying a message to us that Shikiya is own to Malay and Halal. plus, i dont think they serve any alcoholic drinks and mirin as well.

Front view of Shikiya Restaurant on the LG floor of the Low Yatt Plaza

Actually, this is my first time eating japaness cuisine and i am sure that i am 95% not into it. or perhaps i have gone to a wrong place to be my first impression about japaness food. beside the those beverages can be refilled with one condition where a cup cannot be shared among you. If not i am either not sure whether you will be panalise or what???

So, here is what we have ordered there; lets the photo now do the talk.   
The texture was ok and those chicken on the side was so crispy. and one thing that the seaweed is so liat.
Those green thing that look like a plastacine is actually WASABI. it is not as hot as being spoken by other japan people.
Me and my sister enjoying the food, of course. even not into it, by eat it to the last bite is a must.
Other menu on a-la-carte that can be choosen.
All in all, the food is on the level of satisfactory. nothing much to be shouted out actually but the amount of the sushi given compare to its price is really generous of course. till ext time.

Aus Dan Universiti Malaya.

It has been awhile rite since I am posting in my blog. saying that the hectic student life as the excuses now seem to be too lame because we are on vacationholiday. So, here is it, my first post about non-food related after ages. This is about my little brother that just passing his SPM with opkos flying colour got an offer to UM to pursue his study in Science Foundation or in melayunyer Asasi Sains Hayat.

All in all, nothing to be shouted about because it is just a one day sent off plan where we sent him there and when back to Teluk Intan, initially.**klu tak paham terus ignore. =) Now, let just look at the photo of the memories before berpisah.

 Camwhoring at jalan duta. A last stop by for peeing.

 Congrates to aus because you make mama and papa proud. and I do proud of you.

 Muka macam tgh kepit urut keliling ponggong tahan angin keluar.

 Where ever we are, we are still A4.

 And another A4 photo

This is the advantages of having a big family. Once masuk U, satu bas hantar, kalah orang kawen...jangan jeles.[yang dalam photo nie baru suku, lagik 3/4 tgh merayap merata-rata OK..maka banggalah ade family ramai.. wheee3x]