Friday, June 1, 2012

Shikiya @ Low Yatt, Kuala Lumpur

Lately, the progress of my blog being updated is quite slow and getting slower day by day, week by week and perhaps it will not reach the limit up to once a month. So, it has been three weeks of holidays but I don't even once touch my book to do revision because  of the nightmare that i just experiences during the end of sem exam. pheww, just Allah know how difficult it is on me and I just can hope and pray for the best. InsyaAllah.

Back to the senses, today, again another food-related post which is Shikiya, a restaurant that served Japan, Thai and Fusion cuisine. But as  for this trial, we attempt to do suicide mission by give a try on its Japan cuisine. Even initially, we were on state of subhah as after going on googling about Sakae Sushi and Sushi King that does not ask for the Halal Certification from the authorise JAKIM, we just ran in and directly ask the manager which is Malay and pakai tudung which exhibit that she is a pure malay islamic muslimah, and she conveying a message to us that Shikiya is own to Malay and Halal. plus, i dont think they serve any alcoholic drinks and mirin as well.

Front view of Shikiya Restaurant on the LG floor of the Low Yatt Plaza

Actually, this is my first time eating japaness cuisine and i am sure that i am 95% not into it. or perhaps i have gone to a wrong place to be my first impression about japaness food. beside the those beverages can be refilled with one condition where a cup cannot be shared among you. If not i am either not sure whether you will be panalise or what???

So, here is what we have ordered there; lets the photo now do the talk.   
The texture was ok and those chicken on the side was so crispy. and one thing that the seaweed is so liat.
Those green thing that look like a plastacine is actually WASABI. it is not as hot as being spoken by other japan people.
Me and my sister enjoying the food, of course. even not into it, by eat it to the last bite is a must.
Other menu on a-la-carte that can be choosen.
All in all, the food is on the level of satisfactory. nothing much to be shouted out actually but the amount of the sushi given compare to its price is really generous of course. till ext time.

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