Monday, May 14, 2012

Anggerik Terrace, Hotel Uitm Shah Alam

Everyday passing thru this banner do make me eager to give it a try.
 Evening everyone. so another delayed-post due to the same reason; hectic student's life. during the final examination, ayap, pozi and me had took a chance to give a try at the anggerik coffee corner at first but due to the several technical problem, where kedai tutup sbb celebrate hari wesak, we changed our plan to another choice and give Anggerik Terrace a try.

First impression is like, omaigod so glamorous and fabuloz.
dalam hati "mesti mahal nak mampus hargenyer?"

Interior design of the Anggerik Terrace will absolutely make you mesmerizing.
Beauty rite? so, as i don't want to write long, let the photo do the talk;

First my quite delicious and tasty Lasagna. with a little burnt taste on the top of the lasagna,
make it a little bitter but the minced meat sauce is damn delicious.

Steak with unsure full name. according to the owner, the taste is not bad but the quantity is  too "generous".
served together with potatoes and pelbagai daun.

Meatball Spaghetti Bolognaise..again the same sauce as my lasagna and it is truely delicious. 

A mouth watering desert. melting in the mouth and it is hellly tasty.
Self-portrait in the terrace...
But, the price is actually not too pricey and still under students budget.15% off is provided with all student's card power no matter which universities or schools are you in.


afiqsazlan said...

Semua tempat kau dah try kan,

asyraf harun said...

eh bukan 15& off tu apply for uitm students je kan? lol if am not mistaken

asyraf harun said...


unknown said...

@afiqsazlan : LOL, banyak lagiklah tempat tak try..susah sebab takde transportation yang convenience.

@asyraf harun : bukan to all students yang ade card student ker???

miss scofield said...

how much ek for the lasagna?

teringin plak nak makan lasagna!