Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Newbie.

New niece for the year 2012
Greeting all*macam ramai sangat jer*. anyway, updating blog seem to be quite addictive as many delayed-post waiting on my list need to be posted. for this time, let me wish to my sister, congratulation for a new baby-born, Nor/Noor/Nur Ashikin binti Irwansa which im not sure which one. 

This cute little baby was born on a day in April which im not sure cause during the labouring-incident, im absent. so, welcome to the dunia nan fana freshmen. as a little celebration for this good and memorable occasion, i bought half-a-dozen of Big Apples from The Mines.

Delicious doughnut from Big Apple.
Eager nephew for this craving delicious of Big A

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