Monday, July 30, 2012

Iftar with Big Apples, Air Kathira And McDonald.

Let waste some time before iftaring. Today, I just buy something which is actually lot of things from Bazar Seksyen 17 that is btw more merry and provided varieties of choices from it beverages up to its food compared to Seksyen 18.

So, this post is about an event that had took place last friday nite where I went to PKNS, Seksyen 14 to look for things and when I finally decide to break my fast here. So, here is the food that had filled up my stomach to the fullest. Thank to Allah for His ''nikmat''. Presenting the goodies;

I initially grab this super awesome Bapple to break my fast. This trio combination is superbly amazing.
My first attempt of Air Kathira that is actually quite nice. Just cost you MYR2 and look at its generous volume.
 Just having that as the food for breaking fast is surely not enough rite. so, straightly after performing maghrib prayer, Syamil ask me to McDonald and treat me. Such a good friend you are. Thanks.

Food for both of us. As Syamil treat, I ordered large instead of regular.
Adding Strawberry Sundae in order to obtain free mug or glass instead. The Strawberry topping is delicious btw.
Lastly, the fries that is actually  contain high amount of preservative and do harm you're body. And if look at it closely, there is some of the fries end is a little green like a mold perhaps which I wish not.

Thanks to Allah for still giving me this opportunity to fast and break fast for this year...

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