Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Breaking Fast

Again another post for the week. Initially, I am planning on posting this yesterday after my Physic first topic test which is btw quite tough, but as my brain had been working too much and become fatigue I guess, I fall asleep up to late evening prohibiting me to update my blog. But no regret as I still have the chance today, rite?

So, two back yesterday, me and my hausmate had gambling the energy together which is just actually me and Yap with little help from Radin cooking food for our iftar. We had planned this earlier where I have had the opportunity to go googling about the ingredient of black pepper chicken which turn out super delicious. Plus, on the last minutes just before me and Yap walk to Giant that just walking distant from cemara, we add 1 more dish which is sayur campur masak tiram that actually also turn super amazing. And another dish is scramble egg.

Actually cooking in fasting month is really troublesome as you will keep wondering whether it have enough sugar ker, salt or event is it too dilute and more-more things. But thank to Allah as a super pro amateur cook, I managed to predict the quantity of the ingredient and the cuisine turn out to be a thumbs up.

Without further ado, let us sneak a peek at the food cook by me and Yap just by using rice-cooker. Belas ihsan to who want to donate or sponsor a multi-cooker is really appreciable. 

Big sized golden colored scramble egg. Plus mayonnaise! 
Sayur Campur Masak Tiram. Superbly fantabulas. even the soup is awesome. thanks to the sos tiram btw.
Chicken Black Pepper with extra pepper.super spicy and delicious.
Now, presenting the delicacies of the foodies. The combination of these all is really amazing and mouth-watering.
And as the drink, we prepared Cocktail that is 'terliur yang teramat sedapyer'
So, with just cost around MYR5 each collected from the housemate, we can eat so much and thanks to those helping in preparing the food. Slruuuuppppp, till next time.


asyraf harun said...

high 5 pat on the back! LOL

unknown said...

yeah, right on the back...
lets now gather the energy for something bigger...