Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Guy Who Cooks

Wow, this is like the third or forth attempts I'm cooking at Cemara but this time in more proper and conventional way. Instead of using rise cooker, I'm using p******e c****r. Shut, keep it slow so that the administrator won't know about it.LOL.

Actually, today I'm planning on having a little hang over with my old friend, Haris and other friends ; Tajul, Fikre and Radin also but instead of eating outside, I decided to cook for the last time for Iftar in Cemara 2012. Thus, Tom Yam Hot Dog, Daging Burger with Thick Black Pepper Sauce, Reddish Hot Chicken Sauce and also Air Soda Herbs. And the food are a total-licious. For sure people will kill each other to grab it...***metaphors.

So, with the professionalism and talent that I inherit from my mother, I cook the delicacies within 1 hour 30 minutes and try to imagine how pro am I. But such a sadist as Yap, my former chef-mate cannot join and help me as he went to Empire(alone without inviting me) to having the most blasting iftar ever.jelous, so jelous.

Thus, due to m chef-mate absenteeism, two imported helper is called to help me in the kitchen and the food is well-served with a flavoursome, tempting and delicious taste which are total-licious. Presenting to you the snapped photo during the incidence.

Two loyalty assistance that help me thru out the preparation of the course for iftar. Tajul and Fikre, thanks to both of you.
Now, presenting the line of the foodilicious of the day and what can I say, "It is simple to be prepare, but still glamorous and clamorous. The most important, it is edible."

Hot Dog Tom Yam. I can say that, I am such a pro as the Tom Yam was a success even with some left-over at the kitchen due to its large-cooked portion.
Next course of the day is Daging Burger with Extra Thick Black Pepper Sauce. This one, I rate it as 4 over 5 stars due to its super Dante taste and pepper-taste. 
Them is the Reddish Chicken Fillet Cooked Sauce that is truly mouthwatering and appetizing. Hope to make another in the close-future.
 The combination of those art work totally edible with super duper amazing feeling once you eat it. You will surely feel heaven once the meal touch your tongue. 
And here is the members of my iftaring for today and thanks to them to easily joining me with a very short noticed info.
Owh and, lastly is this scrumptious drink that cann make you feel like it heaven once it flow thru yourr throat. Totally awesome, Air Soda Herbs without herbs. Mixture of Ais Cream Soda, Lychees, Lemon ad Lemon Grass. but this drink is a little fail to me.
 All in all, the day was amazing memory and I hope we can do it again next time with another dishes absolutely.


asyraf harun said...

Looking soooo good! So sorry cant make it this time as your sous chef tho, wish I could~ no worries we can always cook again aite ;D

unknown said...

there is always tomorrow. =)