Friday, August 3, 2012

Syamil Bornday

Dedicated to my friend, Syamil that I'm sure he wouldn't even read my blog, Happy Birthday To You and May Allah Bless You Up Till Jannah. Actually, his birtday is on tuesday if I am not mistaken but due to the physic topic test, we post pone the celebration to the wednesday. So, the party if to-be-called is done at of course Pak Li Kopitiam that is just a walking distance form cemara. Besides, Pak Li Kopitiam is like one of the most convenient venue for this sort of event as it is quite a luxurious albeit it spacious space, the price is also affordable for student like us that "hidup hujung bulan berbuka pasir berulamkan pucuk asparagus". 

Back to the realisation, Syamil is actually my classmate and a new appointed ass. class representative. So, beside having an annual class gathering and iftar, we make it as one go by also celebrating his birthday. Normally, he celebrate his birthday by his own as he is the one and the only son of the family.LOL...

We gather at Pak Li around 7.00pm and guess what, it was full house and thank god that Vivien had book a table for all of us. If not, maybe we just celebrate the bornday at Masjid Unta. But, even we gather and eat together, we are forced to pay for what we ate like a saying, "you pay what you ate". 

Cake as a symbolise of Birthday. Blow the candle and make a wish. Sponsored by Wai Yi and Heng Min. Plus Shahnon!
Besides, as a birthday boy, he himself had bought as a cute, small and this cozy teddy bear key chain for each one of us of 12m12 members. Such a sweet and adorable men rite.

Each single member of 12m12 have it. Prove of the unity, kononnyer.
 As I said before, this event is like 3 in 1, class gathering, iftar and birthday celebration. All together in one go. So, for me, I ordered Hokkien Kuey Teow instead of my first choice Nasi Ayam Lemon plus Ipoh White Coffee for my iftar menu. All of us ordered different type of food but for me to capture one by one, it will consume time and kill my iftaring period. So, I decide to just not to but mine is still here. Hold your breath.

Hokkien Kuey Teow. For me, the kuey teow itself is just too dry and quite tasteless. A little spicy will spice it up more maybe. Btw its jeruk cili is amazing. sour and crispy. All in all is still not to bad.
Hot Ipoh White Coffee. Instead of its portion that is just too little, the coffee itself is thumbs up. I like the coffee here because it is not as strong as other coffee and it is just nice.
Home made Kueh Che Mek prepared by chef Suri. Quite nice. Fluffy and sweet. Plus adorable for sweet tooth person like me. Just, hopefully that Suri wash her hand before cooked it.LOL. Joking.
Finish eating, we stay a while and sang Syamil a birthday song out loud and even people or around that basically still INTEC student also singing along make him more blushed. But as we sang it for a second time, the atmosphere turn grey. Perhaps too much birthday song. keh3x.

Done doing all the birthday sort of things, we took a few class picture and end the 3 in 1 event by separating in our own life direction.

Cindy, my classmate and me. Peace for the hunger all around the globe.
And class photo memory. Everyone s here except for Jeffery and Kak Razana. High Five everybody, weird pose anyway.
Up to that last photo, we move on. Lastly again, Happy Birthday To You and May Allah Bless You Syamil. For present we post pone it to some suitable time in future, Insyallah kat Ireland later.


asyraf harun said...

pucuk asparagus? thats expensive LOL! anyway whats that kuih che mek never heard before 0.o but looks nice! Oh, happy belated birthday to him =D

unknown said...

thanks...yeah aku pun baru taw kewujudn kueh she mek...if im not mistakenlah, thats the name...