Monday, August 13, 2012


More than a week, my blogosphere had again turn grey and dull. So, to prevent and inhibit further dullness from those syaitan-nir-rajim to take over my blog due to their returning in less than a week from now, here is just one-little-nothing thing that I wanna post about, Food of course.

Last week, as mentioned before, on wednesday to be exact, my housemates and me had have krispy kreme and subway as our meal for iftar. Maybe it seem to be too simply and light but what-ever-it-was, it is really krispy kremelicious and subwaylicious.

As one who has bike, I rode to S9 to buy all the stuff and what a shock is that the journey just consume about 20 minutes compared to if we heading there by bus. What a relief, phewwww. So, let just see some random photo of the day...

Krispy Kremelicious that is totally superb. More flavorsome compared to Bapples, or not? 
As today is Wednesday, so Meatball Marinara is the choice. It is truly a thumbs up and subwaylicious event the vege is not as much as I normally and usually consume.
 Finish with the food and goodies for the iftar. Then, let sneak a peak on a few eager faces of food-hunter.

Extremely hungry face with extra stretch of mouth to get the doughnut thru into the mouth in one go. Meet, Radin.
Over-rated smile with chocolate, Yap. Trying harder for the sake of posing.
Lastly, me. A natural poser that can pose anything and HIS pose is just too glamorous and clamorous.LOL.#perasandirisendiri.
And that it for our iftar. Look at how we are dieting for the sake of Hari Raya, let me kurus and sexy. Then, baru gorgeous. Btw, Hari Raya is now just around the corner. Excited, really excited.

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