Monday, July 23, 2012

Tea Pot Deli Re-hunting

Lets me keep my blogsphere as merry as possible, before a real things come to my life and ruin the whole scenario and my routine. Wokeyh, this small gathering take place last week just two days before ramadhan began. We had took the opportunity to go to Tea Pot Deli, at SACC Mall to have another bit of its delicacies which is for sure, superb. Didn't believe me, thus you should give it a try and I'm sure you'll die to give it another attempt.

Bla...bla...bla... Enough. Move on to the story itself and as usual, let the captured memory a.k.a  the pictures remind me the flow of the day.  

Friends of mine that joining the hunting. presenting Pozi and Noel.
And another two of my old food-hunting partners that already craving for the food.
Line of POP water with various flavour served for each one of us. For me, Apple POP is a must.
Roasted Chicken, the main dish of the shop and totally superb. The broccoli is served together with the cuisine instead of steamed carrot like previously which is actually turn bad and I think carrot is way better. This time, Noel, Yap and me order the same menu which is this super duper glamour Roasted Chicken with is heavenly-taste brown sauce.
American Chicken Pie. Ordered by Pozi and Radin. Turn out, radin is regretting his choice due to its small portion with a little diluted brown sauce compared to the brown sauce prepared for the Roasted Chicken. And you know what I said, "There is always tomorrow."
As the desert, we instead of I choose Scones that come together with a cream and some sort of undetected-taste jam. The scones and the jam plus the cream do give a very fantabulaz outcome. owh, I share it with Yap, means one each.
So, that is all about my third attempt to Tea Pot Deli. I think the portion of the Roasted Chicken had shrink a little compared to last time I be here. Plus less brown sauce also, compared to my first time being here. But what ever it is, the  taste is still no. 1 and hopefully will still be no. 1.


asyraf harun said...

the food was as fab for me, though I do wish their service team to buck up for a better review :DD nonetheless what an enjoyment :)

unknown said...

surely an enjoyment rite???
Let us walk in and interview as there is an empty vacancies there. we buckled up and make Tea Pot Deli more success...LOL...

Azian Elias said...

salam kenal dear..

allah u have to call me auntie. i feel honored sangat u sudi singgah n baca my blog yg biasa2 je ni.

roast chicken tu kannn.. lkalau anak2 auntie makan, sorang sure request 2 portions. JUST IMAGINE...hee

unknown said...

LOL... and that will be awesome...kuih2x...