Friday, August 30, 2013

Seoul Garden Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Entrance to a Korean Food World.
Again, this was like 2-3 months ago where me and my fellas (include my little bro) headed off to Seoul Garden Paradigm Mall for abit of celebration as the mark of the end of A-Level which is surely like hell. My advise, take it or leave it, if you can avoid from taking A-Level especially Edexel one, please do so. After finish with my last paper, Physics Unit 5 I think which was the easiest paper among all, we all went there by my car. Wheeeee, off we go.

Located on the LG floor, this outlet surely the best among all the Seoul Garden I had gone to. With it varies food selection from meat to chicken as well as seafood, this is surely a place for a food hunter like me to eat alot. Yeah, I am preferably suggesting this Steamboat and Grill if you wanna eat alot and a must, you can eat alot. 
The available food selection.
Dessert on the house.
My favourite dish of the time. Don't really know the name of this fruit but it surely delicious.
When we bored, we pose. Me and my brother.
Members of the day.
U4R Association surely gonna be an organisation.
Group photo.
Then we off to the shops inside, browsing for few thing and here what I got for my dinner. A new set of pants.

Me is a new member of Uniqlo.
Hideous face once we were too tired.
Afterall, that day was full of sweet moment that will forever be cherish in my mind. Till we meet again and till we hang out again in the future. Miss you guys already.

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