Friday, August 9, 2013

Trick Art Museum, I-City Shah Alam

A simple short reunion of Igopians at Shah Alam.
 Basically our simple gathering was just a short visitation to the Trick Art Museum at I City Shah Alam. So, just enjoy the rest of the photos.

Pouring the water to help.
Room reflection.
Pulling the man's pant.
Off from a secret underground room.
Tilting the heavy stone.
Walking thru a death trap.
Am just a happy angle that wear green slipper.
Maddy bull.
T-rex, arghhhhh. Save me.
A timid crocodile.
Pouring off the water thru images.
The oversized whale.
Scary king kong with Puz
A strong lady.
Scary mummy with Tajul.
The alien on earth.
Fresh Milk to be sold..
On the way back, we stopped by at Restaurant Burger Bakar Abang Burn to give it new product, the meaty meatball Abg Burn that was so so but still edible and me love the brown sauce so much.

The Meatballs.

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