Friday, August 30, 2013

Off to T.G.I Friday's

Big day huh. These was the day when my A-Level result is being released and I was and is very grateful as Allah listening to my prayer and fulfilling my dream to pursue my study in Medicine in Ireland. So, alhamdulillah by scoring 3A even not an A* or something, just a simpe A-kosong, me is so grateful. Thanks to those who had supported and teach me through out my A-Level. Right now, I had passed a level and insyallah will be entering the next level in just a T-minus 2 days. 

I will be flying to Ireland in no time and hopefully I will treasure this gift to the fullest and achieving my dream to be a good muslim doctor.

Back to the topic, after taking my result which actually me going eat first then take my slip as the office is close during lunch break, me, Ayap and Miss Fiza off to Setia City Mall to T.G.I Friday's. Basically it was my first time here and me is a happy person to eat here. The food's portion is above satisfaction, the food's taste is way above par and the restaurant is just nice and welcoming.

As usual, photo-bombing time;

At T.G.I Friday's
Starter. Can't really recall the name but the taste was amazing. Love the spiciness.
While waiting for the food. Camwhoring with Miss is a MUST.
The name is just too long. Southwest bla bla bla, something like that. Btw, its mine and it is cheesy.
Ayap's steak. Love the tenderness.
Miss Fiza's portion
As dessert, we shared this brownie***. If am not mistaken the name.
And finally the partner in crime.
It was a splendid evening afterall. Spending a good time with a good people accompanying by a good food surely a bless that can't always been earn anywhere and anytime. Till we meet again in the future.


D-SIM said...

brownies dia sedap gila kot.
panas, then ada ais krim haha

best best (y)

shahnonsalleh said...

yup, brownies dia memang terbaiklah. but me thinks the one kat Delicious is btter... huhuhu