Monday, August 5, 2013

Swedish IKEA Food Court ; IKEA Meatball

So, here am I, rolling back to the old time memory. This was during May I think. Yeah, LOL me, it was awhile though. So this was when me, my little and big brother headed to IKEA to give this long time favoured me, the IKEA Meatball. Heading there for post lunch was a very good choice indeed cause you will basically won't be needed dinner anymore. Laugh out loud. But am serious especially if you order the 20 meatballs set. it was burghhhh, very burghhhh.

Our delicacies. All yummy. 
Mine; 20 IKEA Meatball. The raspberry sauce was a kick indeed. 
Aus' dish. Can't really recall the name. But still a thumbs up.
Anjale's cuisine. NOT so hot dog just long and hard. Empty.
DAIM cake slice if am not mistaken. Amazingly delicious.
Eating here was heaven cause it cost you not that pricey and you will be able to even treat other at cost less than MYR100 for sure. Really looking forwards to visit here again.

Owh, here is the overly popular currypuff sold downstair. Btw, it is not bad.

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