Monday, September 24, 2012

Anjale's Open House

Nothing much to write about as there is already too many delayed post in account. LOL's, student life is always as hectic as hell, rite? Let skip this crap introduction and move on to the main topic of the post.

Last two weeks i think, my brother had held his open haus together with his housemates and friends. The event was a success I think. Me, my sis and bros just came to help our elder brother to prepare the course for the day basically. We were just come to help but turn out, we (maybe excluding me alittle) were the one who handle the cooking. We prepared the dishes from late nite up to morning as the event will just begin at 12 noon. So, no worries.

Moving on, lets the photo do the talks.

Buzy preparing the course
Food on house. Yummy2x.
People behind the scene of food preparation.
Then, just after finished the dishes, we just headed back to our hometown, meeting our beloved parents. even tasting all the food that we ourselves prepare pun tak sempat. Really sad and sad. Hu3x... Btw, the food is all gorgeous.

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