Thursday, September 13, 2012

Newly-Found Snogurt Store @ Seksyen 7

It is a truly snogurtilicious.
Assalamualaikum guys. It had been days since my last post about my outing to S7, Shah Alam and basically this story is also belong to that outing. Once finish eating at the Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang, we just basically wanted to head back to Cemara but suddenly, on our turn at a junction, I spot a newly-open Snogurt at S7. It is just behind the Jackel and beside The Restaurant Sekinchan if I am not mistaken.

What to call is, that day was our lucky day as there is free trial of the yogurt selections to the customers that come and bust in like us, to give a try to any flavor of the froyo that you dream off. And for a thick facers like us, we'll completely utilise the opportunity without any further ado. Basically, me myself had take few flavor that is totally awesome like mixed berries; sweet sour which is really kick me well.

Provided container for trial. We refilled it few times and make it worthy 
After filled our stomach with the freebies, we were planning on to take an escape way. Go to toilet and gone. LOL. But for sweet tooth like us, taster will surely not enough. Thus, we grabbed the container and filled it accordingly based on your own. No sharing wokeyh. Then, we enjoy eating it up to the last of it.

Enjoying the Snogurt a lot. Don't mind my hair, it was messy.
Enjoying the Snogurt up to max. Glurppp.
Snogurt of mine and myself. No sharing wokey dokey. Truly addictive and miss it already.
30% discount available for the first 30 days of opening. People should really grab this opportunity.
Basically, the froyo is superbly delicious especially the mixed berries one and perhaps addictive. Really hope to be there in the short future, very short future so i won't miss the 30% discount yet. Omaigad, miss it already. 

Then, this is the end of my outing to S7 and now there is no more private transport available for us as Radin's sister's car had been returned and that is really sadist things. Hopefully if there is a million or billionaire that accidentally on purpose read my blog and have extra car that is unused, you may donate it to us.


asyraf harun said...

yeay us to be lucky enough to be here at the right timing! thanks to your sharp sight too hiks :D

unknown said...

omaigad, that is truly heaven rite...thank godness we spot the store right away.

irfan alif said...

Thank you for the kind review and dont forget to like our fanpage