Friday, November 23, 2012

Educational Students Fiesta, Intec

LOL. This is another left over post for more than a month, I think. The event took place during my final exam. Yes, there was lots of things I did during this final examination. As you know, life is only once and if you unable to enjoy it to the fullest, you will never be.

To cut it short, let just talking about what I have did during the fiesta. Nothing much thou because the intention I went to the Intec was basically to do some revision in the library. As I arrived, first thing that I did was drawing out my blood for those in need. Mine is B positive and I hope who ever get my blood will survive and get well. For me donating blood is like a must thing to everyone. A drop of blood can save a live, rite? Besides, the blood at the blood bank also decreasing and never enough. With the ever rising accident will cause higher consumption of blood too. So, here am I, my fourth times donating blood. Albeit the reward obtain, I am fully sincere. **three donation within 12 months will allow you to get injection for Hepatitis B.

Lying down, sucking my blood out. Ouch.
A big bag of my blood. 400cc I think.
After donating my blood, I spotted a place where I can do my art. The drawing was free with all the materials needed provided, I said "why should not we give it a try?". The love-love one is mine while the flower beside it is drawn by me and coloured by Radin. Seem simple but quite hard to control the wax.

First Batik trial.
Finish wasting time, it already almost 12 noon and we straightly went to the stall open on the day. There were quite a few stall selling food, even not a solid rice for lunch, the food is still tempting and delicious. I just manage to grab few things as my lunch cause I was rushing to start my revision for final. Funny, rite?

Mee goreng + satay 2 batang = Lunch
Red velvet. Extremely delicious and truly scrumptious. Believe me. Hopefully they will sell it again in future.
Some fruits after lunch. It use the Tutti Fruiti concept where we pick up and they weight. For every 100g  cost  me MYR2.
The event was a success for me. Instead of food there was also cloth, books, karaoke booth, shawl, pin just to name a few being sold here. Hopefully, this event will be held annually cause it is a good thing thou.


asyraf harun said...

the Red Velvet looks divine! too bad I missed the chance to try it sobs!

unknown said...

LOL..yeah it is superb thou...
am really hoping to have it next semesta.