Monday, November 19, 2012

Save Gaza, Palestine

Written by M. Shahnon Salleh

Wow, seem like this issue is once again becoming a hot topic,
Facebook, twitter, blogs, paper and even television all talking about these thing,
Bombarding, killing, beating, raping, flying jet with a bomb, Zionist just to name a few,
But try and think back?

Is talking without action is worthy,
Is watching without feeling is enough,
Is it?

And that is the thing needed to be answered.

Cause every second we keep standing on the same page,
Pitying them, crying for them, be mad to the USA,
On the exact same second,
A mom wishing goodbye to her son,
A man is been shoot by a gun,
A wife become a widow,
A son become an orphan,
And a people live in a scared environment.

Thus, buckle up man,
Muslim and muslimah,
Take your best shot,
Not just by boycotting McMuffin today,
But try to avoid it in a lifetime,
Not just by crying for them,
But try to keep praying in every single pray of you to Allah,
Not just by pitying them,
But try to raise help and money for them,
Cause that way is way much better,
And that way is a better way of helping,
Our brother and sister there to get what is destine for them.

Save Gaza. Amin ya Robbal Alamin. ~~~

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