Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tea Pot Deli Revisited

When it comes to holidays especially if am staying a home, studying will be like always the most troublesome thingy to be done even A-Level is just like almost a the edge of the corner. Hopefully I will success amazingly. Keep praying for me fellas. So, as today is holiday, another last month post that had been postponed till today, me and and mes amis re-visitation to the Tea Pot Deli, SACC Mall.

For me, this deli served the best food and surely will be above your standard. So, for those staying around Shah Alam, you all must surely give this Deli a try. So here are the food porn;

The so popular Roasted Chicken here. Radin's portion.
The melted Lasagna. Never try this yet.
My drink, hot white coffee. Sore throat, no icy drinks.
My Victoria Strawberry Slice. Just so-so.
Pudding Caramel. Truly delicious and yummylicious.
So, I will surely be back here in a close future to have it Fish Pie that Radin had been craved for like a year. ^^


D-SIM said...

you forgot to put the price -,-

shahnonsalleh said...

LOL. the price are affordable, for both cakes aroung MYR4 and the lasagna and roasted chicken, MYR17 and MYR15 respectively. hu3x