Friday, February 8, 2013

Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor

Holiday is really the best time to update blog. Wuuhuuu, so here is it the second post of the day, Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor. One of the best drink that you can only get in Malaysia, I think. Is it? Actually I have passed through this stall for like a million time as it is one, on the way to my sister's house at Sungai Buloh and two, again on the way to my college. But it only this time I got the opportunity to have a stop and give this so-called popular Cendol a try. LOL.

At first, I thought the word Bakar indicate that the Cendol will be roasted or perhaps been cooked/boiled inside the fire but turn out Bakar is just the name of the owner. Hmphhh, what a frustration. Lorgh. Situated just after the exit of Latar Highway, I think it can be easily spotted by passer here. Perhaps one more thing, there are like 10 stall selling Cendol in this area. Maybe KL citizens just love Cendol extremely. 

The stall; Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor.
The available selection of Cendol here.
Their charity work through out business hour.  
The stall environment. Nicely decorated and very village-look.
Some of their fun fact that was published by paper. Read it or just leave it be.
Finally the Cendol itself.
For me the Cendol was not that great. Plus it minute portion compared to it price, it is absolutely below the satisfactory level. The santan does not really taste like santan, it is more likely too taste like a milk or diluted santan with milk. And the Gula Merah/Gula Melaka is just too stingy. Should be, the patronizer here are provided with the Gula Merah so that we can add in as much as we want, rite? The next thing is it portion, too minute. I repeat, too minute. I don't know, for a big boy like me, if this is the size will surely not gonna be enough. So, all in all I awarded it 2.3 stars out of 5.

Instead of it cendol, there are also other food being sold here like Bakso, Nasi Ayam, Cucur Udang just to name a few. But as we just had our lunch, having either Nasi Ayam or Bakso seem not to be appropriate, so we just had it's Cucur Udang that really is not taste well. Instead of it floury-taste, there are no udang (1-2 small pieces maybe) in it. And the sauce is too dilute. So, blacklisted already. 

The so-called Cucur Udang.
One thing that make me laugh here is that the aunt that we bought the Cucur Udang sent the food we ordered quite late and she said that, "Maaplah yer, sibuk tadii dekat bahagian Drive-Thru!". Walaweh, class you aunty.

The Drive-thru. Don't think only McDonald have it.
My brother and his family. Thanks^^.
So, maybe if there is next time, am gonna try other Cendol stall here in Kuala Selangor. Perhaps there is one that really served the best Cendol-ever. till then.


D-SIM said...

kaannnn ? cendol bakar biasa jea aku rasa -,-

shahnonsalleh said...

yup yup, biase aje...