Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Birthday @ Kenny Rogers Roasters

If last time I post bout my celebration with my siblings, this time is the celebration together with my beloved hausmates as well as old friends from Igop. "Memory cannot be gained but must be created" so this is one of the method to create the memory. We rushed to Plaza Alam Sentral right after class, taking T529 to S14. As planned, we directly went to the PAS to Kenny Rogers Roasters which basically my first time being here. But actually it not the food that is the most enjoyable but hanging out with person that we adore is the best thing. Thanks for everything, thanks for remembering my birthday and thanks for treating me all these. Am truly touched and there is no other word to express my gratefulness except thanks. 

The partner-in-crime.
Me and my beloved stylish friends.
LOL, I thinks that is it the photos that have people included in, the rest will be the photos of the delicacies that we have here. My rate, superb and delicious. The portion was just amazing and delightful. The taste was a little bit plain but delicious-plain, perhaps a little addition of salt gonna make it more yummylicious.

The muffin was delicious. I love the crust part on the top of the muffin. The Banana-flavored Muffin truly taste like banana. Love it to the max. Either BBQ sauce and black pepper sauce, I prefer black pepper sauce as the BBQ one is too sour and less spicy/kick for me. But still different people have different tongue. For drink, am having the most expensive one available on the restaurant, Strawberry-Heaven bla, bla, bla, the name was quite difficult to be pronounced and remembered. Just like the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram.

So, enjoy the moment;

Muffin. Mine was Banana-flavored.
Quater Meal Chicken complimented with BBQ sauce.
Faqeh's Quater Meal Chicken with 3 side dishes. Yummy.
Yap's drink. Strong chocolate taste.
My turn. Strawberry Milk Shake...
Surely a birthday won't be complete without a cake rite. So, we brought along two slices of cakes imported from Secret Recipe. Along with it is Big Apple which am not photograph it. Bad me right. So many sweet-toothy food that is truly my favorite.

Blueberry Chess Cake. First trial and was not that impressive.
Also first trial on this Absolute Chocolate and it was like complemented with a WOW effect. It was alittle crunchy bit here and there. Yummy.
All in all, the moment was created and recorded then will surely be remembered thru out my entire life. There was so much fun and laugh, reflecting the past will surely make you laugh. Am looking forward for more moment like this. Wishing that I was born everyday and my birthday was celebrated every day too.

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