Thursday, January 31, 2013

Outdoor Theme Park, Genting Highland

Mainly this post will be bout photos. So, please be aware and fully prepare walaweh. This time was bout my vacation to Genting Highland for the first time in my life and it was superbbb. We headed there by taxi and reached the Skyway around 12pm. We then experience the cable car and then we were finally at the Outdoor Theme Park, Genting Highland. To describe the moment is just one word, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

So, be hold with the photos cause there will be like thousand of it and am happy with it. LOLs. Notification; the photo may not be in timeline sequences, just bare with it.

Excited to be a first-timer boarding the Cable Car. MYR6 for adult for one-way.
The most thrilling one. Super scary and full of screaming.
At first we was like, WTH people keep screaming with just riding these simple thingy and once am the one who board it, the feeling was like I wanna go home, mommy. It was terribly horrifying and scary. No lie. Really, the feeling was like you will collide with the metal there or fall out of the crane and die. Just imagine die will surely make you feel like hell rite. And I was like screaming thru out the journey and at the end of it once it start to slow down to start, I started to laugh to myself as I know that this is it. This is the feeling meh. So, people out there, don't say that people are gedik, poyo, gatai merenyang if there board roller coaster and scream and it was really thrilling. O mama.

The Flying Coaster.
Second, I rode that thing in the photo. So called Flying Coaster where you are laying like a Superman and that just like moving, stopping and keep moving. Adrenaline burst. But these time, there was less shouting but more to remembering to Allah. Tending to think about death. Such a pious men rite. LOLed. Sincerely, yeah there was less, much less shouting but still I tried my best to keep my eyes open to see what was happening and not to miss any. It was fun but torturing, very. It was like moving at top speed for 20 second then level off where it will start again to accelerate to max and you are like, "no no wait am still not ready and arghhhhhh, Again." Plus there is this one uncle that in the same plane as me (each set occupied 4 persons) keep saying like Allah, Allah, Allah the whole time. I was like how good he was to said that instead of screaming. Love you uncle. Blurghhhhh, suddenly.

Me and les sisters with this super popular building here in GH.
The four of us or so-called The Travellers.
At the entrance of Sungai Rejang Flume Ride.
ME, posing at le Rainforest Garden.
Again another ME looking for the direction. This park is really spacious... and chilling too.
Looking at the atmosphere I think even you can predict how cold was there. Its freaking cold. Level cakap kuar asaplah and playing with the asap-asap thingy was happy moment thou. Albeit most of the games closed, we didn't managed to finish them all, still. So, don't be sad if you came here and not all the games is available. For me, Cyclone, Space Shot and few more were under construction. But still the moment was still there, believe me.

Another ME together with the Cyclon. Unfortunately it wasn't available. Pity me to the max.
Pose in front of the Double Deck Carousel.
Pandoric view from the Cable Car. Gayut saye.
Cable car. Fun at first but for the second time was not too, just so so. My advise you come up by Cable Car and go down just directly from the Theme Park.

Arrival. Queuing to board the Cable Car.
Misty atmosphere. Those were clouds and you can even feel the water droplets.
Another photo of us all.
The Traveller . The air was so cool. Even cakap keluar asap. Ha ha ha.
Part of the A4.
Acting ME at the Phone Booth.
At the second floor at Double Deck Carousel.
Us at the Dinasourland.
Flexible ME. Like I was at oversea. Ha3x day dreaming, LOLs.
 Finally, the feeling was fun and hopefully I will be here for the next time to perhaps enjoy the indoor games. Am really looking for it. Total damage for the whole journey, MYR100 per person. Still under budget as yeah, you went up by taxi, fully air-conditioned, Cable Car experience; aller-retour, entrance ticket, lunch and bus ticket to go down back to Pudu Raya. All in all, the adrenaline was really rushing especially for all those thrilling games. So, before planning on going for a vacation oversea, Malaysia is actually not that bad, it just you to travel and explore it.  


D-SIM said...

kenapa tak naik spaceshot? D:

shahnonsalleh said...


dia tengah under maintanence...what a waste kan??? hmphhhh, hopefullylah ade next time tuk aku kat sini...