Monday, January 7, 2013

Macaroni Cheese, Salty Salad & Grilled Salmon

 Just a very simple post in this late evening. This post went back to last Thursday story where all my hausmate plus me are fasting. For me, am finishing my Puasa Nazar while other I don't know, perhaps Puasa Sunat.

So as the specialty of fasting, we cooked our food instead of buying it from the stall nor restaurant nearby. And what is more, we just take roughly around 20 minutes to finish all the course before maghrib which means Makan Time. Imagine how pro was that? LOL. Grilled Salmon, Salty Salads and the main dish, Macaroni Cheese that is just simply delicious and mouth watering. Plus, as I forgot to bring my stove, we cooked everything just using Ayap's rice cooker. Professional rite?

By the way, too bad that Radin can't join us as he oftentimes traveled to and fro to Klang cause of his brother 's condition. May he get well soon. Presenting les foodporn.
Blur image of the grilled salmon. Cheap but simply fantabulas.
Salty Salad. It was nice yet too salty. Maybe kilang garam bocor.
Juicy white melon. So cheap. Sold as peeled already at just MYR2.00++
The Macaaroni Cheese plus the crab stick.
All the course all together. Looking so healthy rite.
And of course, My-Help. More to go afterwards.
All in all, we got a very scrumptious, delicious, fantastic food just to name a few praises words with a very low cost. This is the advantage of cooking. Plus, we sent a little to our newly-moved neighbor, the boys next door and praise to Allah they also said it is DELICIOUS. 

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