Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ayam Penyek Pecale Padang Jawa

It been like forever I didn't update anything here. I don't know a busy life, trial is just a round the bout or what bla bla bla, all those are like a classic tell, lies; it just that am not into the mood to update. As the consequences, there are like 6 - 7 untold story for me to be responsible to update. LOLed.

But still, as January had come to its final day, I gather all the spirit, sitting and typing the story and the taste of the food that had been kept in ma mind like for a thousand year. Exaggerated, benchis. This story was like back to the early January, around 5-10 Jan if am not mistaken. As the memory is like a bit blur, let just review it together by looking at these captured moment.

The stall that is easily spotted by by-passer, 10 minutes walking distance from INTEC.
Basically this place was recommended by Syamil, my classmate as he said that the food here is like a superbly finger licking delicious. Together with le trademark, "Makan tengah hari sure kenyang sampai malam", he kept promoting it to me and I was like, why don't I just give it a go. So, here am I, hunting and trying this new food hot spot along with my men-malay-non-kafir friends.

So here are the food before the comment, Try to judge it by the appearances.

The ayam lele.
Complemented beef soup. Tasty
And surely the white rice. Its malaysian must-have item.
Overall the food was above the par but not to my max. The soup was fantabulas with no regret but I think the Lele can get a bit improvement here and there.  Am not sure either Indonesian like or not like spicy but Malaysian really do. So, instead of making it to taste as sour-plain with just tomatoes and tomatoes, maybe it needed something to spice it up. Cause that is what Ayam Penyek popular with, SPICINESS not sourness. But still the portion was not only satisfactory but excellent and bravo.

Second thing is the fried tohu. Am not so sure either this tohu was basi or it had been "dijerukkan" cause it taste weird like a weirdo. LOLs, seriously. The tahu was like a spoiler ok. Better not that having it, sumpah. Still as I said before, overall, the food was nice and the most important is affordable especially for student like me and us.

And instead of the foodporn above, you can also have these following menu here;

Le menus. Look even Indonesian able to establish a stall while Malaysian still sleep under the bridge.
All the partner-in-crime. 
And yeah one more thing before I end up, this day was the day that I know the meaning of Pecal Lele. Initially, I thought it was like a brand name, shop name or sumthing but actually, Pecal is the name of Ikan Sembilang or Ikan Keli in Indonesian or Jawaness. LOLed and lele is the sauce. So Pecal Lele is like what you see the orangish photo above. Adios.


D-SIM said...

hey' i've been there before ! and ayam penyet taste well B)

shahnonsalleh said...


Am not saying it not delicious but there is still a room for improvement... huhuhu, tapik portion dia best.