Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Well Spend Day At Liverpool

Yeah, it was just a short quick trip to Liverpool. Arrived around 9.00 in the morning and leaving at 2.25 in the morning of the next day. Ha3x, short trip indeed. Liverpool is as well a very nice place thou but compared to Manchester, the Islamic population is less, thus the Halal restaurant is also less and daaa, memang berpuasalah aku sepanjang hari tue. Mengikat perut. Lol.

Central Library and Museum
And then we took a cab straight ahead to the very well-known stadium, Anfield Ground. Based on my single day observation, people here are very fanatic towards football club. The football team is like god to them and they are very enthusiasm with their FC.

Instead of just taking photo from the outside of stadium, me deciding to give a stadium and museum visit and know what, it is worth it. Not that kind-a worth it sampai kau sanggup sujud syukur tapik takdelah menyesal sampe rase nak tikam the stadium's receptionist. Going in, sempatlah to take a snift or two of the player's jersey, seeing the place where the player get naked together-gether, and even sitting on the chairs where millions of people will eagerly cheer for their football player. Yet, indeed the stadium is not as big, huge as I am imagining.

The battlefield.
So-popular KOP.
This is the venue where the interviewing session held on
Lucky Anfield sign board
After spending the whole afternoon touring the Anfield, we headed back to the Liverpool City. As so all know, Albert Dock. Spending bout an hour plus there, strolling around like a foreigner, solat tepi laut, ouch freezing cold and the walk along the sea side and then off to The Beatles Gallery.

Albert Dock it is.
The view
Beautiful architecture along the canal's side
The Beatles
Across the canal at dusk.
After the day goes by and things get darker, me and my fellow mate decided to crash into the cinema, have a good seat in a good environment, which is not cold absolutely, while waiting for our next bus to London at 2.25 am. Phewww, what a day indeed.

Kalau convert harge tgk wayang, memang tidaklah kan.
So, London here we come.


dr.nurzalikhayusup said...

Buatlaa lagi video.. Bestnya merantau bumi Allah SubhanAllah :)

shahnonsalleh said...

@ dr.nurzalikhayusup: Insyallah coming soon.