Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jaulah Di Manchester

Manchester, a very nice city thou. Am jelly to those studying here because Manchester is indeed a heaven of Halal food in the west. There was like hundred and hundred halal restaurant along the roadside that will eventually make you feel like you're home. LOL.

So, I stayed here for quite sometimes, 4 days I think and thanks to Syed Hussein my ex-mate in INTEC for being so nice, showing me around. First stop is a Christmas Market. Basically nothing much here cause most of the things sold here is food which are in Haram OR Syubbehah categories. So, nahhh, can't eat those even it is so so scrumptious-ly looking. Ha3x.

Christmas Market at the city
Manchester Town Hall
Then, after a tiring walk and long day, we stopped for a glass of paradise. Kalau kat Malaysia mesti nak pekena cendol, dekat Manchester as well got this kind-a cendol. LOL. Quite nice thou but still cannot beat the cendol at home. Rase manis gula melaka tue takde, no umphhh di situ.

Manchester's Cendol. 2.50pound
Then, I paid a visit to the University of Manchester. It is structurally beautiful and amazing. Kind of old patern building is surely making it seem, wow gaya luar negara. Instead of UCD building that is more modern and more Malaysian-look. Kah3x. Lantas, another jelousy to the Manchester's student. Even so, the Malaysian + Pakistani here are alot. There are like everywhere. Sometimes, as I walk along the road, there was no single english man or woman passing by, just malaysian and pakistani.

At the main entrance
 Whenever you in Manchester, it was like crazy-hell to have a look and go around their football stadium kind-a thing. I don't know, even a super duper non-fanatic football like me was very eager to come and visit the stadium. Ha3x. Btw, here then I learnt that Manchester City and Manchester United are two different football team and both of them have separate stadium. One is Etihad Stadium and another one is the so-called popular Old Trafford. And guess what, I visit both. Ha3x. Jangan cemburu yer.

Ethihad Stadium.
Old Trafford.
I also went to Salford Quay. Interesting site of the city indeed. Beautiful.

The canal
Salford Quay.
Visiting Manchester was indeed an amazing memory that will not be forgotten forever. Till we meet again Manchester and perhaps I come again to watch a football match.

Last words from Manchester


Asyraf Harun said...

anon pergi manchester alone ke from Dublin?

shahnonsalleh said...

@asyraf harun: haah, and then kat sana baru meet up syed hussein.

Azian Elias said...

bestnya dik oiiii.. wish boleh pegi sana.

shahnonsalleh said...

@Azian Elias: come come, melancong melihat dunia