Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Best "Omma" Ever. -HB-

Looks, when school start, this blog will be like a shit...ruin without any post right. really, students life is way too buzy than what people think.and what is more, kome ingat nak pegi belajar oversea senang is a long journey need to be through. =P

Enough with the dirty talk.!! T__T last week on 18 march 2011 is my mom birthday that make a birthday boy of the day...i do really wanna put the pic of her but you know, if aurat is not covered properly, jangan memandai-mandai nak upload gambar tue, perhaps it will be "dosa jariah".

Just simple celebration at home where classic cheese and chocolate indulgence from SR is choosen and also mee rebus abdul ghani. two amazing combination what.way so delicious and heaven.

Now, lets the pictures do the talk ;

-pieces of cake to symbolize birthday... sweet 5* omma. =P-

-mee rebus special tanpa telur and also air sirap bancuhan aku...-

What else??? for present initially we want to give golden necklace, or mayde prada bag but after thinking for a while, my mother already have that we decided to just repair the kitchen kabinet that had broken as the bday present for my mother..sweet kan???

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