Monday, April 2, 2012

Dinner At Tea Pot Deli

Wow, it had been ages right sincei updated on this blog...oklah, due to buziness of sudent life, there is not even a minute for me spend time on this blog.even now, im sitting in a crowd inside the bus back to cendana, while other people's keep glancing and watching me updating the blog, malu siott'' ^.^

So, as i am wat too shy to write too long, plus the people's eyes, here is some food PORN-ayat Yap-

-beef lasagna...-

-ayap's roasted chicken-

-my special dory fish pie..-

-my suggested cheese on toast...perhaps a little salt will make it more tastier...-

So, that is all about this outing...and yeah, for this time, our outing was joined by my housemate; "rizkin the fastest" and paan...

O yeah, right after the food, we walked to the bas stesyen shah alam which is about 1 and half km away i think...quite far and sweating you, here the prove. even it is quite tiring but i do appreciate the sweat cause it did burnt off my caloriesss..

p/s : this post is already tergendala for more than a week and attention to ayap yang dapat air pop percume, i do envy to it and you better watch ur back before you lose your money..kuih3x.. =P.

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