Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meronggeng ke Tanjung Bidara...

Firstly, assalamualaikum to my belog that had been abandoned for quite a long- time periods...kuih3x.being a student is not as easy as it like.LOL.damn busy, everyweek there will be topic test.but that is life right. =P dont complaint about your life because that is what writen for what ever it is, i am still enjoying every single moment of my life you know.sleeping, eating and of course outing.. -__-

So, last week, on thursday to be more precise, me, my classmate and 12m11's members along with mr Mano went to Tanjung Bidara, Pengkalan Balak, Melak'au'..yeah, even this trip is initially based on academic purposes. we are here to do an investigation about the distribution of the barnacles and periwinkles and bla bla at the shore.but enjoy itu tetap adalah..

-looking damn pro and focus rite-

Doing investigation about those organisms do make me wonder how wonderful is their distribution.very stategic and accordingly, such a very perfect order you know.perfect for their cycle of life. and make me think a while and be more confident about the great of Allah.there is also green, red and brown algaes that i never ever realise their presence before.besides, now i know that the sharp thing inside the water that surrounded the rock actually not the structure of the rock itself but the population of barnacles that live there that make the rock sharp..and seriously can cause cut.i know it because 'i got cut and i knew it'. =(

-buat muka comel adalah perlu untuk bajet comel +_+-

Bla, bla, bla....finish with the experiment, now it is time for us to escape from the life of students for a moment.we are allowed to swim with a term and condition; 'you must wear Orange Life Jacket'..i just swim for a 10-15 minutes because the life jacket do trouble me while swimming.then we go back to our resort which is Ismah Beach Resort, having BBQ was heaven..even the ayam bakar is very finger-licking delicious you know...what ever it is, say congrate to those who cook it which included ME.. ^.^

To end up, here is my teammate during this short knowledgable vacation to Tanjung Bidara.

-Group HANNA the leader-


asyraf harun said...

bestnya dapat ber BBQ..tak ambil gambar bbq sekali ke? LOL

unknown said...

yeah, kenangan indah kowt..tak gambar BBQ tak sempat amek sbb kamera out of batery pastu charger pown tak bawak... =(