Friday, March 16, 2012

Penangan Cendol Dari Syurga Firdaus.

Hola is way too awesome for someone like me, or students or maybe everybody on earth that is human because we can relax, take time and living in more slower pace durin this period...stay up late nite, wake up late morning *do not aplly to me =P* and nobody will be and get mad rite??? because it is holiday.!!enough mumbling.

On my last family vacation to JB few days back, we got the chance to taste this heaven-taste cendol that rating with 5 over 5 stars. super damn yummy and delicious.i loike because it is sumpa tak tipu SEDAP NAK MAMPUS...keh3x exxagerated a little over perhaps.

So, presenting Mak Siti Cendol 10meter :

It is just a stall beside the main road in between nusajaya to kulai jaya if i'm not mistaken..just rite beside the road and you know what i know, the cendol is awesomesss.Attention to ayap aka cendol's hunter, you must find sometimes and grab this cendol because you will die regretfully if you miss it... -___-''

Even the stall's name is Mak Siti but the cendol is prepared by 2 young malay men.perhaps, they are sons to Mak Siti because their face showing a few similar DNA sequences, from what i see...keh3x, ngelabah aje...

-two hot models memperagakan the imported cendol from heaven-

Lets talk about the has the hijau things, cincau and red beans, extra red beans i think...the usage of santan instead of susu cair marigold mahupun f&n make it taste more natural.more diabetic and heart attack too..kuih3x. but what ever it is it is still craving delicious.besides, look the proportion of the gula merah/gula melaka/what-ever-it-been-called-so is so many make the taste a little bit bitter.but instead of bitter, it taste most likely like seducing bitter make me eagerly want more and more...FULLSTOP.

Konklusinyer, this cendol is memang the best among all the cendol i ever taste.with it marketing price rm2.00 and singaporian can have it maybe just with $4 is super worthy.thanks to abg baim for treating me and my family which also his(abg baim) family this superb cendol.i'll come back again for you cendol in the future.


asyraf harun said...

OH MY GOTH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOODNESS you just made me super drools! *JEALOUSSSSS* anyway, stall ni dekat2 dengan area JPO x? duhh tah bila dapat g pun T.T
( btw gila la drive manual tu woot2)

unknown said...

JPO??? no idea...but what ever it is, this cendol is totally awesome...2 thumbs up...
(larh dah biase dah bawa manual...ok jer)

asyraf harun said...

untung laaa~~ oh my my am missing good cendol aldy LOL