Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lovely Disable House Charity Work Of The Year.

Afternoon is your day keep going on and on? me, just still like old me, living the slow pace of life till i get what i wanna..yeah, i know it has been ages since my blog have been, being a students is damn busy...maybe even buzier than Prof. Rosmah Mansor i think.. -__-'' so this story is the story of last sunday where i, joining tanpa segan silu the peers club's activity. going to lovely disable house at taman bahagia if i'm not mistaken.

-Men in suit to the house-

Seriously, the intention im going here is to release tension was achieve...ececehhh, really??? umphh, what to say ek, its depend on time, there is moment where i felt happy but there is also time where i felt quite tension and a little bit stress...keh3xx..normallah, i am just an ordinary handsome man...whittt2x..

So, first thing arrive there, i (we) straightly being "force" to collect recycling thing aroung this area which i think PJ, to be sold. the money from the selling will go to this house and been count as a donation from US...keh3x..satu sen tak kuar tapik tetap dikira bersedekah.look, how sweet is islam..kan3x???

For me, i had been assigned to separate the newspaper into two categories; besar and kecik punyer paper...and it is really tough and dirty job..NOT dirty that kind of dirty but dirty=kotor, ok. =)...thus, i do my job perfectly, step by step sambil mulut mengumpat sebab letih.and you know what, the level of tiredness is until basah spender ok...perghhhh...but as long as tak kuar dari mulut, it is still not being consider as sin, right.!!

-Muke adalah begitu bekerja keras...letih giler and tangan kotor-

Finished everything, then we come to the closing often, nothing much to share here...just a sad story from the owner of the house about the economic condition and also about people attention towards them...

And what is more interesting is that, i manage to get a taste of famous almos cendol+rojak taman bahagia with Yap and Pozi which is recommended by my friend's friend's blog i guess...katenyer sedap but for me it just a slight above moderate taste... =(... for the cendol and rojak all together i give 3.2 star per 5 ok...

-3 eager hungry eater perhaps...-

-cendol + rojak = rm5.5o...but for tday is pozi treat...tq.-

And you know that what is more interestin, this cendol had become the link between malaysians...chiness, indian, malay what is more confusing even indonesian sitting together eating cendol...what a perfect and ideal environment right...thus, Dato Najid, silalah bina tempat makan cendol percuma 1 Malaysia as everybody love cendol...kan3x..hopefully PM terbace and proceed with the idea of mine...keh3x...

-satu malaysia-

Klah, chaw dulu ekkk...having a long journey tomorrow.. -___-

p/s : most of the pictures are unedited due to its time consumin processes...

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