Friday, February 24, 2012

My Birthday Celebration

Another old story to be told. this is the last monday buisness where my birthday had been post-celebrated... first of all, thanks to all yang membelanje, Radin, Yap and Pozi absolutely...damn sweet of the trio of you.

As for the event of celebration, opkos eat is the main point right??? thus, sr, s9 had been choosen...and i was like (thank you)2x so so much to you all...terkejuts taw rasenyer.

-mate merah kerna tak cukup tido as study terlebih-

That day, tanpa mandi and without thinking of body hygiene, we directly head away to sr...except for radin that manage to take a bath...congrates yer.there we have lots of fun by eating and opkos eating lah for menu is like below.

-yogurt cheese and spagetti tom yum yang yummy-

The food is totally heavens and i loike...but i think is the services tax that we paid is like a bullshit...their manner to the customer is 0 you know..confirm never go to tuisyen of manner i swear...memang keterlampauan punyer pelayan...=(..they are like tuuutttt...arghhhh, enough is enough...hopefully they manage to get acess to my blog and read this...thus, REPENT.

Finally, thanks again for the treat and peace no war...**tetibe.


asyraf harun said...

haah the employees MUST repent ahaks..tooo traineee kui3

man said...

mcm sdp je makanan 2

unknown said...

@asyraf harun: yup they must repent immediately...keh3x...

@man : sedap sangat...