Thursday, December 6, 2012

Food In Teluk Intan

Wow, seem like just yesterday my semesta break start but the truth is it had been almost a month and there is only one month ahead. Omai, next semesta will be a tough one for me where I'll sit for A-Level. May Allah ease everything on my path. Amin. Walhal, I never even touch my book or even read a single word from it, how come I wanna success. Hmmpp.

LOLed. What ever it is, let get back to the main objective. Normally when I googled something about food here in Teluk Intan, except for M. Gulam Rasul, most of the food will be Chiness food that is haram for us muslim like you know porky stuff and wine etc. Prohibited for ever in our life. *On term and Condition. So I think like what not, let me fill one of the halal food post for the muslim food seeker that wanna come to Teluk Intan and have the scrumptious food here. So, I think it better to moving on cause these thing will take long.

First one is HiGoat, meaty and milky. Basically it is just a small newly-opened kiosk at Rapid Mall. For me the kebab is not that superb as the bread and meat both too dry and not-tasty. Beside the kebab as well is not hot or I don't know as maybe it is normally served that way. But another story for it's milk shake that is totally superb and delicious. I love it. And that was the first time I taste goat milk and directly fallen in love with it. GoatMilkilicious.

The kiosk at le Rapid Mall, just beside CoolBlog.
Part of the menu and now I see that there are few dishes added.
HiGoat Meaty. The sauce is too minute cause the meat taste a little dry. Plus the bread is just too plain.
Awesome milk shake. Taste so thick and milkilicious.
Next is Mr. Cendol that also located just a few steps away from the HiGoat kiosk. As advertise it is saying that the cendol is since 1952. For me the cendol is more or less delicious and acceptable. And what I like here the most is that you can "suka hati", happily add as much as gula melaka as you want. According to my mate, the gula melaka was diluted in a honey solution instead of clear water but I don't know. What i know is just it taste yummy and mouth watering.

Mr. Cendol's Outlet banner.
Besides lot of cendol selection, there are also few delicacies of Malay traditional food here.
My help form MrCendol, Cendol MYR3.00 or MYR 3.50 am not sure.
Wait, there is more and more delicious, amazingly scrumptious food available here in Teluk Intan. That you is just the beginning thou. Next is Popia Ronda. If the other two above can also be obtain elsewhere, this one is not an option cause I guarantee that it is not and will never be available unless at Teluk Intan. With the cheapest price on earth, a popia will only cause you MYR0.25 means with a ringgit you can get 4 which will make you totally full. Believe me cause I've tried.

The owner of the popia ronda. It has been quite long for more than 6-9 years experience I think.

Everything is self-made, from le kulit up to sambal sayur segala, all secretly made.
The outcome. Just nice as the one that cause 80cents back in Shah Alam.
I think for now this maybe it. If I wanna post all the food available here in Teluk Intan will surely take too much time thou. Teluk Intan is a developing area with lovely food site. Believe me. Lots more will be uploaded from time to time. Just wait patiently and see later.


asyraf harun said...

OMGGGG seriously thee popia is only 25 cents each? Gawddd thats insane! HAHAHAA that will put Popia Mr.Ali Shah Alam to shame!

shahnonsalleh said...

kuih3x....that popia is way to expensive thou...LOL

Anonymous said...

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