Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trip To Langkawi Island

At last, I have the desire to update bout this trip. Phewww, what an experience it is? Finally I managed to set my foot on this well-known Island, Pulau Langkawi that situated in Kedah state. Even it is just a havoc vacation that was just been planned for like a week I think, it can still be called a success. I love it to max. Lots of memory to be written here as well up till am confuse what to put in and sorted out cause yeah, every single thing that I did here was very meaningful as well as memorable. From the time me arrived Kuala Perlis up till the day I left Pulau Langkawi, the time was very precious and the moment was so exciting, amazing, fantastic just to name a few.

As me arrived one day earlier, we walked thru the area around le hotel that we stayed in. Btw, the hotel, Kuala Perlis Seaview Hotel is just a walking distant from the Kuala Perlis Jetty. As walked thru the town, we spotted this so-popular Laksa Perlis known as Kak Su Laksa. For me the laksa was awesome and fishy-taste. The laksa was elastic and tough but still digestible. If am asked to rate, I'll give 3/5.

Hotel that we stayed in for a night. Kuala Perlis Seaview Hotel. MYR100 for standard room plus 2 breakfast voucher.
Kak Su Laksa that is just a walking distance from my hotel.
The specialty, Laksa. The soup is so so fishy-taste and I just love it. A plate worth MYR3.50 if am not mistaken.
Instead of laksa, there is also this scrumptious and well-cooked pulut panggang. Licing 3 plates.
During the nite, as we already went for the Laksa, most of us were already full. So, we didn't have any formal dinner or what. For the elder most of them just straightly went to sleep or perhaps taking  some sleep for a long journey on the next day. But for me, the young blood in the vein still want to travel the beauty on the nite here at Kuala Perlis Jetty.

Observing this spectacular sun setting on the horizon. So beautiful.
The caption of the mosque here in Kuala Perlis Jetty. Gorgeous huh.
Off for some cold thingy, Aiskrim Goncang. Basically it is just a frozen carbonated drinks.
How it was prepared. The container below contain ice and the water will be frozen and taraaaa, Aiskrim Goncang.
A camwhoring a cote de mosque. Tak semayang pun kat sini, what a pity.
Off for some satay ila that is actually just keropok lekor bakar. a stick cost me 20 cents. worth every penny.
One the next day, I boarded the ferry from Kuala Perlis Jetty and it cost MYR18.00 for adult and MYR13.00 for kid. Way cheaper compare to the fare if you board at Kuala Kedah Jetty or Penang Jettty. My ferry was at 9.30am and the journey from the mainland to the island took around 1 hour ++. Thru the journey, the view was totally skeptic and epic. Mountain, sky, ocean, small island were the most perfect landscape combination in photos. And thank god am not sea-sick and neither my family members.

Overview at the Jetty. Crowded with people. 
Our tickets.
Tengah excited waiting for the ferry to start sailing if that the word.
The atmosphere here at Terminal Feri Kuala Perlis.
View from the ferry on the way to Langkawi Island.
Widely open sea.
Me that is already on vacation mode. Ignore the pimps. #shy
More view. OmaiAllah, so nice and beautiful.
As I said, after an hour ++ journey from Kuala Perlis, me safely and sound arrive at le Jetty Pulau Langkawi and just Allah know how excited am I to be here for the first time and hopefully that there will be next time me here.

The arrival to Pulau Langkawi. One step to this sacred island. 
An extra large welcoming bill board.
to be continue...


M Fizan said...

wahhh, so much fun huh? sampai kat tempat gua, lu tak roger abang long kawasan. lu langsi presiden.

shahnonsalleh said...

hahahha, ko budak langkawi kaaaa...kire apter this aku nak g free lah ko balnje...bole tak??? -___-