Sunday, December 30, 2012

Underwater World At Air Terjun Batu Berangkai, Kampar

Well, actually there is nothing to talk about, just wanna post some random photos during my last minutes vacation to the nearest waterfall from my house, at Kampar. About 40 minutes away from Teluk Intan by car, we drove there and reached at about 11.30 in the morning and just straightly went in for about 2 hours as we finished at 1.30 and directly went back home.

We oftentimes came here for a chilling water atmosphere. Besides it closest destination from home, the people that patronizing this area is way fewer that other waterfall namely Lata Kijang or Kuala Woh perhaps. For more bout this place, HERE. This time thanks to my camera with it capability to go underwater without broken, we capturing photos peacefully under this crystal clear water that is surely you can't get elsewhere.

Three brothers. Mate bajet korea.
Floating in the water. Bubble of oxygen.
Barely open-eyes and duck lips.
Acting natural and cool. Nahhh~~
My sister and big brother.
Finally, that me dying underwater. Jernih kan? 
So, if you come and visit Perak next time, instead of going to Lata Kijang, this place is more favourable and  enjoyable. With it large pond that surely can hole larger capacity of visitor compare to Lata Kijang. Finally, I think this waterfall must be one of the attraction of tourism here in Perak for 2020, I don't know. Perhapsss.

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