Thursday, December 27, 2012

Big Bad Wolf : The World's Biggest Book Sale

Oh gosh, it was like a surprise for me to be surrounded by almost 30 millions books during the book sale previously. The event was a success for me cause there was like hundred of people flooded in the exhibition hall choosing book to be read or at least as the accessories at their own home library. There were multiracial people here, Malay, Chinese, countable Indian and a few foreigners and thank god I did not spot any Indonesian or perhaps Bangladesh. LOLed.

The book that perhaps you can only buy at the rate MYR120 at the book store, you can get it for MYR20 here. Just try to imagine with more then twenty section; adult, romance, reference, children, economy and many more with countless number of books, one or two hours here won't be enough. Believe me. It was like a very unforgettable experience for me. 

By the way, am not sure either there was people whose buying 30 to 40 books are to read them or just perhaps make their home library looking more amazing, means just for exhibition. Enough with the words cause the event had already ended on 23 of Disember and it is my fault to upload it quite or maybe very late due to my very own personal thingy. Kew3x.

At the entrance. Excited
Over view of le people and le books on sale.
Books that you never thought exist also available. FART, please.
Browsing thru the books.
More books. Just look at the staging of the book, millions.
Evem Justin Bieber book is sold at MYR15.00. Bitch please
So, for this year it ended already and hopefully it will be held again next year cause this is such a good way of promoting semangat membaca among citizen of Malaysia thus improving our reading, thinking and problem solving skills.


wanie:) said...

best kan? tahun ni BBW buat lagi besar dr last year ^_^

asyraf harun said...

OMGGG so jelly!!!

shahnonsalleh said...

@ wanie:) : besar sangat..buku macam keliling pinggang.LOLed

@ asyraf harun. yeah u should cause it is exciting with lots of books. u should have a look at the ROMANCE section... yucksss

rmfadz rm said...

anon, i wish i was there..
so jealous la....

hopefully, I will have a lot money to buy those cheap books.

btw, its hard for me to know if u have replied me in your blog.
any solution??