Sunday, December 2, 2012

The End of Durian & Mangosteen Festive.

Again, this year's durian and mangosteen seasons fall on the same date as am starting my holiday. Basically it means that there will be lots of alteration to my routine. One it will overall make my life super duper busy but on the bright side, it will become my money income for the whole holiday. Believe me, we are not just talking about a penny, when I said money, it means alot. LOL. 

If last year am handling the durian together with aus and the previous year with anjale, this year, abg mae come in row. Most of the time, am handling the durian with abg mae and sometimes together with abg baya as well. Wow, me straight in a row for three continuous seasons become one of the workers. Hectic huh? Albeit the tiredness, the income is also quite catchy and that is what I like the most. Rather than making me thin due to excessive work, it just make my skin tanned or darken in the exact word, burnt and become crisp. Omai, am black already. Allah help me ~~~

Bla3x... So let's just cut the crap. This year, there are just two dusun that needed to be organised. More easier compared to last and last last year. Believe me. Here is some random photo of what I've gone thru out my holiday, what to say, part time job with a nice income. Albeit helping my parent and make them laugh and smile on the same time, I also earned money. 3 in 1, as simple as that. 

Jambor at my Dusun.
My durian trees. Skeptic huh.
The falling fresh Durian. Truly durianilicious.
Me and my brother selling the durians as well as manggis at the Pasar Besar Teluk Intan.
Mangosteen the hot setap. People love it to the max. MYR3 per bunch.
Another perspective of my dusun. Beautiful rite?
The content of my manggis. Truly the best among the best.
Members of the crime selling durian and mangosteen without permit.
This is an experience that not everyone can have it. Only the one that is lucky enough like me can feel it. Besides during this season too, I started to recognise which durian belong in the same kind or species. I don't really sure bout it but normally same plant will have same fruit pattern and the duri as well. And you know what, working here with my father is more beneficial compared to working at McD or KFC or any mall perhaps. Believe me.

Officially, I announced that Durian Season will end in a day or two from now. * 2 December 2012.

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