Saturday, December 15, 2012

More Discovery Of Langkawi Island

Yeah, lots more to go for me to write bout my previous vacation to Langkawi Island cause there was like thousand of sacred memory to be told. The island was a total epic and skeptic, totally lost in my thought. Finish with a little tour around Pekan Kuah on the first day, our second day is more adventure and more exploration. Full of excitement and feeling of eager to know surely.

Early in the morning, we all off our Amara Guest House and went for our simple breakfast at the stall nearby. Just having roti canai and ordinary breakfast dishes; nasi lemak, bihoon, mee etc.As I said before, there is like no special food that can only be founded here is Langkawi, just a normal food available.

Amara Guest House, Place we stayed in for 3 days 2 nights.
The stall at the road side. We had most of our lunch, dinner and breakfast here. 
Nasi Lemak and telur mata.
Another simple malaysian breakfast. Roti planta but I don't know the planta taste is gone.
For kids, this angry birds apam is attractive enough to persuade them taking breakfast.
Finish breakfast and without further a due, we just start to travel across to and fro of the island cause yeah we have time constriction to be followed and if we procrastinate the time, we would not be able to visit the whole island is not it. And I start to think that does not the inhabitants of this island bored cause yeah, their mainland is like so small, within 2-3 hours the whole road on the island can be travel without any pit stop. See! So how did they survive living on this island for like 20-30 years. Puffff.

For these vacation, am the one who becoming the tour guide. For every destination and event road chooser was 100% based in my decision. So, our first destination is Tanjung Rhu Beach. My first impression was like, Omai Allah, so beautiful and I don't really know how to put it in a good words cause you know, the view make me total speechless. 

Me and this free distributed map. Btw this map is really useful even it is not drawn by scale, it really helpful. Believe me.
First destination, Tanjung Rhu Beach that is about 30 minutes away from Pekan Kuah. Beautiful rite. With that there island behind, perghh totally amazing and gorgeous.
Super duper crystal clear water here at Langkawi Island. Nice, really.
Widely open white sandy beach. The sand is so so perfectly halus and the beach is clean. Unlike Teluk Batik thou.
Beautiful and skeptic huh. I already be here and am proud of it.
More photos on the beach. 
Seem like not in Malaysia rite. It just too awesome.
More photos.
After staying for about an hour here, we packed again to move to the next location cause yeah, we are not going to stay here in this island for a week plus plus. So the nest location is just 15 minutes driving, Durian Perangin Waterfall. Amazing place thou. Without googling I even can guess why is this place named this was. First the word durian is due to the durian trees that grew across this waterfall and the word peringin is because of it chilling atmosphere that is so dingin.

Titi Gantung crossing the waterfall.
Overview of the waterfall
The upper part of the waterfall. Chilling, very.
We are not staying here for a long while. Just for a bout 45 minutes, then we headed of to the Perdana Gallery or also known as Galeri Perdana. Just about 10 minutes away, we drove there. But at this waterfall, there was a souvenir shop selling pearls thingy like bracelets,, ring as well as necklace that will surely make the women turn to a monster. Besides, coral reef, shell, as well as photo frames, Tee, hat also been sold here.

Arrived at the Galeri Perdana, we asked for the entrance fee and for Allah sake, it is MYR5.00 per person. What a waste, paying that much just to observe and antique, historic figurine. So, we didn't get in cause a way to save budget is not to enter any museum where the information inside can be easily obtain thru google. But still where snap few photos outside the building so that when people asked either I've been here or not, I can proudly say, yes I am.

Photo'ing with le Bahtera Purba.
The structure of the Galeri Perdana. Beautiful, rite. 
Another ship stranded outside the building. Its free to visit here but to enter the gallery, you must pay MYR5.
As we intentionally didn't planned to get in, we just stay here for a bit before continuing our journey back to Pekan Kuah to pick up abang baya. There, we stopped by at the Legendary Park before going for our lunch and back to the guest house for a little refreshment and performing our obligation before continuing our adventures.

A3 on action at this beautiful park, Legendary Park. BTW, this park is a huge park.
A small view of the park.
Sweet lovey dovey couple at the entrance.
My lunch drink. Lai Chee Kang, even it a little weirdly taste.
My Nasi Goreng Ayam. Love the sauce.
After taking a short nap, we were all headed to the Jetty Kilim for more adventure and excitement. Wheeehaaa. But on the way there, there is a few complication that cause our schedule to run a bit late but still it is bearable and forgivable. Our rented car was broken and what is worse the break is nonfunctional. Almost our car hit the front car. But thanks to Allah, as Abg Arip is professional enough to avoid the hitting mitting incident and we are all safe. Phewww. Attention to everyone those who want to rent a rented car, ensure it safety first wokeyh.

The broken MPV. It is just not about money, it also waste our golden time here in this island.
Frustration and unsatisfied with the rented car services.
Kilim Geoforest Park.
Me and the billboard. Sweating huh.
 This visitation to Kilim Geoforest Park was like the main part of this trip. Will absolutely have a special post bout it later. Next, we off to Beras Hangus but unfortunately, the place was closed already for that day. Its okeyh, at least we have the image of this place and hopefully there will be next time for us to be here to pay a full visit here. Hopefully~~~

As, the day had turn nite, we decided to go for our last dinner on this Allah granted island with it scenery that is truly gorgeous and fantabulos. We went for seafood that nite but due to my non-DSLR camera that already habis battery, my phone camera that is cap kuda laut, the food look so pitiful but anyhow is amazingly delicious and mouth watering. Close your eyes cause the photo may be a little sensored.

 ~~~Am deciding not to upload the photo as the images are too pitiful.

 That nite remark our visitation to this Langkawi Island. On the nest morning we just headed to Pekan Kuah for some final shopping before went to jetty for another final shopping. Till then my total damages up till now is MYR290. But still there is lot of catch I brought home from here and am really happy with this trip.

First catch, my new perfume from le cote de parfume. Cost me MYR183. 
Small portion of the glassware bought here.
White tee as the souvenir. 
A must bought chocolates when you are here from Haji Ismail Group.
Lastly, transporting all the mess together back home.
Everything was mesmerised for me to be here. I like here sometimes more in the future cause there is still a part of this island I still didn't travel in and hopefully will. So, sayonara Langkawi Island.


asyraf harun said...

WOWWZA! amazing pics u've got! now I miss Langkawi tooo :')I super loved that Kilim Geopark! anyway, the nasi lemak looks funny hee

M Fizan said...

eh, aku pulak jelessss. orang kedah tak pernah sampai langkawi. haha

shahnonsalleh said...

@asyraf harun ; yeah, the nasi lemak is not really taste like one thou... the Kilim park is totally awesome..

@M Fizan ; hahahaha, u'll be there soon.

rmfadz rm said...

ayap, i agree wif u.


"Me and this free distributed map. Btw this map is really useful even it is not drawn by scale, it really helpful. Believe me."

I totally believe u..without any speciousness ...

shahnonsalleh said...

LOL. thanks Radin for believing me.