Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pulau Langkawi Here I Come

As a sign of welcoming our presence to the island, the weather was superbly amazing. Even it kind a little bit hot, maybe very, but thank god it is not rainy which will make the tentative more chaos. LOL. Directly after arriving, we just went to grab our lunch first as we can only check into hotel after 2.00pm thou. We also pay a visit to this so popular place here, Makam Mahsuri. Located in the heart of Pulau Langkawi, it took around half an hour to reach here from Pekan Kuah by rented car absolutely.

It was just a hot sunny day, perfect weather for a vacation.
Basically, Langkawi has no special food. So, here is just a normal ordinary lunch.
As well as Laksa Mahsuri.
Our pitiful rented car. Should really be thrown to the sea.
Arriving the Kota Mahsuri. The entrance fee is just too much, MYR7 for adult and MYR5 for kid.
Here is the latest heir of Mahsuri. The only one history of Mahsuri I know rite now.
After taking our lunch and visiting Makam Mahsuri, we went back to Pekan Kuah to check in to our Amara Guest House that is just a stone throw away from le jetty. We checked in and just straight away performing our jamak prayer before heading out for more memorable moment hunting, visiting all the historical venue available here. We went off to the Eagle Square or known as Dataran Lang. Then we had our tea-time around there before deciding too go to the Beringin Beach that is also just a stone throw away from the Eagle Square to enjoy the sun setting on the horizon moment.

The gateway to Dataran Lang.
Enjoying ice cream at le stonage of the eagle.
Group photo with the Langkawi trade mark.
More photos on the eagle statue.
Off for tea time at the food-court near here.
My portion, Bihoon Soup Daging. Just nice but if alittle bit spicy will be even better.
Pataya Rice. The omelet is so thick and yummy.
Enjoying sun setting.
More sun setting photo.
And even more...
It is just to beautiful and orange.
Am look fat in this photo. I need a diet plan.
Kids and beach and sun set.
Enjoying the late evening breeze.
Pose pose pose.
Another captured sun setting on the horizon.
Then we went back to our room. That nite is just to tired for all of us. We didn't go anywhere. We just stayed in the room relaxing for more adventure on the next day. Arghhhh, just to tired on that nite thou, we all sleep atmost 10.00 pm.

to be continued...


D-SIM said...

wow such a big family !

M Fizan said...

aku sendiri tak penah sampai langkawi. hahahaha. tak singgah umah aku pun. ban presiden =.=

shahnonsalleh said...

@ D-SIM hahaha, heaven taw big family nie...nie just a small portion, tak sampai suku pown...klu semua pegi confirm epic nak looking forward for that.

@ M Fizan hahahha, u shuld much fun.. aku ingin malaysia nie takdelah scenery macam nie but i was totally lost kau... cantik sungguh langkawi nie...more to be posted thou...