Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it is not the BREAKING POINT

Heloooo world...

Oklah, ektually takde papepun nak share for today tapik just one thing...petang tadik im attending Hajjah Aluyah*sory klu salah eja* talk at dewan anggerik...totally interesting and very membina...i love it.

Memang actually this kind of talk will make us realise the means of the real world..hearing to other people opinion and experience is totally amazing..it become the eye-opener for me to go on wiith life and get through all problem with open-hearted..peace no war...

Satu quote yang sempat dikecam hebat time talk tadi ;

"Believe that what ever you have to deal with in your whole life time, you must have a firm believe that you can withstand it as it was assign by Allah and He knows that you can face it. =)"


NormaLiza Mah said...

singgah2 jap..usha entry n iklan. moga dpt bntu tmbh dna tabung.
jom singgah.

rfadz said...

as salam, unknown...mmg betul..kita dpt sedar the real world is.jika kita saling berada dlm jemaah yg saling mengingatkan ttng sestuatu perkara.