Saturday, December 10, 2011

Essay: Hope

Tgh aku sibuk-sibuk kemas bilik tadik, accidently aku terjumpe esei kawan aku nie, Yanie and for me this esei is totallly superb and 100% not, bacelah yer.!!!


To have something as useless as emotion, I never had to begin them to begin with. I have everything, I am intelligent, I am rich, and I even have such a good look. Unfortunately, to feel the happiness, I am not. Neither the sadness. I never laughed, Neither cried. My life is plain. It was just like drinking a coke without vanilla. I could hardly face those dull momentin my life. Since I was a little girl, I never went outside to play with peers. When I was a teenager, all I know is just open a book and read. Struggling for the examination was the only thing I tend to focus and put my energy on.

My mother kept telling me that only education can ansure wealth and good life. Yes, whatever but I was perplexed. I am rich, then why do I have to chase for more luxury? I want to scream and ask why yet I sit quietly and do whatever mother would say. Read and struggle. leading to perfection. That is my life. One day mother told me that we were going to move. My father will be converting to work at Karakura Hospital, at Karakura town. I just nodded and confused at the same time. That was same sort of feeling so hard to leave my place where i carved my "plain" memories. Maybe there was a sentimental value on my treasured memories. Unfortunately, that weird feeling just last for two minutes. Later, I felt nothing. Yes, I just felt nothing.

New place means new school. I was perfectly ready and never not. New school would not disturb me. I, as always myself, a robot with human mask. The first flash of the sun, I woke up. Ready to go to school. father started his Mitsubishi Lancer's enine. He dropped me by in front on the school before he went to work.

"Ring..." The shrill of bell ringing brought an end of the silenced that reigned the class for the past 45 minutes. It seemed like pain-relief for the students in my class when the class ended. The starlwart figure of Additional Mathematics teacher terrified those students. he would not tolerate with and of a prankster. He was a strict disciplinarian. Everyone surrounded me. From back to front. Boys and girls. Nobody ever came this close to me. Even my own old classmate. The were afraid of me, perhaps. My new classmate was totally diffefent. I started to feel some sort of uneasiness. They kept rained me with so many question. "Well, my name is Maka." I tried to play the conversation. They were inviting to go recess together but i refused. I just gestured my hand, signailling for them to go first.

It was totally hectic. Surprisingly, I started to feel so many emotion flowing through myself. But is was to misty that I could hardly struggling to find the emotion.

After recess time finished, I went in the class. I put my glance on whom was sitting beside me. He was staring at me, smiling and it revealed a set of his white protruding teeth, I was surprised. My face turn as red as betroot. But his face was just too funny. He had a circular face, just like Doraemon, wearing a sectacle like a nerdy Nobita. His hair was carefully gelled ad it spiked. That was so funny. He did not tuck nis cloth very carefully. Messy, I put a second glance to read the name ta stiched on his cloth. 'Black Star'. Aww, that was cool, I though.

Boarding the class really changed me. The unique of Black Star attitude made me impossible to think. He was so crazy. Well, he loved to sing. Whenever he started to sing, everyone closed their ears. Black Star was going to let few of the ear-spitting which would rupture the whole building. After he finished singing, he would say to himself :- "Encore!", again and again. When having a lesson in class, he will jump all of sudden. It really brought annoyance to all students because everyone was shocked. Black Star would just ignore what people would say about him. He also loved to tease girls and made some noise with boys. The unique Black Star was fixed my gloomy life.

One day, we learnt about hope. Our english teacher, Madam Frostier asked us to go in front and stated our hope. Everyone had their own hope. When it came to my turn, I stated that I hope the happiness that I could feel would never vanished. When it came to Black Star, surprisungly, his hope was so different. "Don't be terrified with my hope", Black Star started his word. "I hope to have a beautiful and sexy mother". Everyone laughed. "I hope to have a hardwoking and kind mother, she would cook for me everyday", he continued. "Thats all", he finished his word.

My perception towards Black Star changed. I thought he was exposed too much to black potrays. I followed him when he went home. I was shocked. He was an orphan. No wonder he was asking for a mother. I burst in tears. I never thought that hundred thousand secrets were hidden behinf Black Star's smile and laugh. I felt the sadness, I felt the happiness. I hope to feel the emotion. Now I got it. I should be grateful. The sun rose majestically today and I felt satisfied. I learnt so many things.


Nur Syafina Mohamed Johari said...

rse cm nk nangis bile ak ltk dri ak kt tmpt pencerite 2... haha

unknown said...

yerlah tue...