Sunday, July 24, 2011



Nothing much to share as I am no superman. the title for this blog post maybe seem to be over rated or quite 'poyo to the power of ten' but it is the truth. not just me, actually you all also are not a superman and even superman is not superman as they still have weaknesses and the still cannot settle up all the crisis and trouble that occur in this world.crimes, hacking, and plagairism.

One more thing to say, the title has nothing to do with the main idea for this blog post. it is just for fun and over rated happiness feeling inside my body. are you all ready to know the truth? what really happen to me?

Tadaaaaa,,,,,, :))))

I have a new laptop..dont be jealous yer.haaa^^...ok, fine aku tahu...mesti ade cakap "beli laptop pun nak kecoh ker?"..heloooo, mestilah kene kecoh, baru ade feeel...kalau tak membazir aje beribu-ribu belanje beli laptop pastu simpan dalam peti ais tak nak gtaw orang buat ape...betoi tak???

Anyway, thanks to apak and emak sebab mensponsor laptop nie punyer prize and to abg mae sebab tolong bawak g loyat memilih lambakan laptop-laptop di lowyat and lastly to fikre and radin sebab tahan lapar tak makan tengah hari sebab accompany me without ang hesitation in order to buy this lappy...finally thank you to me sbb beli laptop nie...heeee (^^,)

p/s : bile bace balik terasa macam sampah sket pun ade jugak..heee^^ tapi alang-alang dan tertaip abis post ajelah, macam kate orang tua-tua alang-alang mencelup pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan....

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