Friday, July 12, 2013

ALM Dinner at Glenmarie Ballroom

Like seriously I've got nothing in mind. This post basically had been dump for over a week plus and even up till this right moment, the feeling and mood to write bout it is still not here, in my heart.  So let just make it a really short memorable post then cause like hell, there is a queue of story afterwards.

Marking the end of A-Level, I attend the annual grand dinner organised by the ALM junior at the Glenmarie Ballroom, Holiday Inn. With Chinese cuisines served to us that night, the night was truly blissful. Like I always said, the happy me is a happy tummy. six pack tummy wokyeh. LOL. 

Just don't want to brag long, here is the moment captured by my not-expensive camera.

With the ladies.
Me and hausies.
Before going into the walk.
The dishes served.
Overall the dinner was awesome and very grand, for me lah. For others am not so really sure. So, after that night, we all went by our way and the heart beating faster as the A-Level result that will be the determinator for us later. Pray for me fellas and let us all succeed in A-Level with rainbow-coloured.


D-SIM said...

tahniah dah habis, dapat result gtahu :D

shahnonsalleh said...