Monday, June 24, 2013

Friends With Benefits

Finally, am done with A Level. After so much hardwork and hardy work, I finally made it happen. And now what I can do is waiting, praying for the best on my result as I already put my hardest core on the paper. So, towards the finale, what I do was taking photos with friends, close friend, far friend even never friend. LOL.
Camwhoring with Radin. My dearest friend since high school.
Meet Afieeeeq.
Hanif my buddy. Love him to the max, till Jannah.
My Sahabat, Aizat.
My study partner during final. Khairi he is.
Off to bowling with members.
My one year hausies. Thanks for everything fellas.
With Intec Food Adviser. 
ORBIC member.
Classmates for 2 years. This was the faces after exam.
Together with AnnaLuluLala and Azmiera.
Really, life without friend is meaningLESS. So, do make friend and enjoy the very second of your life with them. Arghhh, gonna really miss you guys. Till we meet again.


Asyraf Harun said...

memories to be cherished huhuuu
now lets just pray hard!

Asyraf Harun said...

btw tak boleh blahhh INTEC food adviser..sounds so familiar, cam.. apatah #cantremember

shahnonsalleh said...

@Asyraf Harun... LOL, tht the words that come across.
yup gonna pray harder...