Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summary of My Life For The Previous 2 Months.

Hahhaha, seriously if I wanna put effort updating all the previous things I had done with my life in this previous 2 months surely I won't be able to do anything else except sitting from of my lappy, updating. So, here it come, a bundle aka summary of what I had experience through out. And perhaps later in the future, I'll update in a more detail post, if Allah will.

So, where to begin. Yup, lets start from where I left. If you still remember my previous post i bout me eating at Delicious. Right after eating there for lunch, I went to Fullhouse to give the food there an opportunity to serve my tummy.

The food galore at Fullhouse. House Blend Masala Spice Chicken Chop, I could die for it.
On the next weekdays, during my short study leaves, my hausmate and me off to Sunway Pyramid to grab the offer that was available for student (couple students). MYR 66.00 of am not mistaken.

A short escapade.
Lazy me at the Sunway Lagoon entrance. Excited, nahhh.
As so soon am leaving INTEC which mean am leaving Shah Alam too, I paid a visit to the quite popular venue here, Taman Bukit Cahaya or Bukit Cherakah.

Checkpoint at Bukit Cherakah. But is was raining when am here, so not much places visited.
The 4 Seasons House. Cool and chilling.
Then towards the end of classes where study leaves for real A-Level start to begin, we held a small gathering or so called party. Cherishing and creating final memories together so that we can told our kids and grand kids that we were friends once before.

Sponsored by Miss Fathiah and Miss Fiza.
Les Dominos.
One big happy Family, I said.
With Madam Nazlinda. The only lecturer stay for 2 years teaching us, Physics.
Then we took more photo during the last class.

2 years classmates.
With les chiness girls.

Off to Sakae Sushi with Miss Fiza. Thanks a bunch for treating me.
As orang belanje. Makan tak ingat dunia.
Mohd Chan Restaurant. Having a blast Chinese Cuisine.

Then, me off to IKEA to give its overly popular meatball a grab.

Yummy and tasty but if too many, it may lead to kemuakan berganda. LOL.
During the study leaves also, me already have the opportunity to eat Cold Sizzling. For the first time eating a cold sizzling.

I give it 3 and half stars. Spice it up, I'll upgrade to 4 stars.
And that i just what I had done thru out this 2 month. Except sitting, laying down, reading books, doing past years, question banks and many more reading and studying. The truth is, being a student is really not an easy job. It is really tough and lots of sacrifice needed. Till here, thanks. 

Btw, there are like a tonne more post to be updated. So, just bare with me. Hopefully.


❤~Emma Abduh~❤ said...

nampak sedap gila makanan2 ni...

shahnonsalleh said...

@Emma Abduh ; yup sedap nan teramat... hopefully will have the chance tuk merasa ia lagi.