Friday, July 12, 2013

Sakae Sushi, Subang Parade

The entrance.
It was passed lunch hour where my lecturer, me and les hausies went to Subang Parade upon invitation by our beloved gorgeous lecturer, Miss Fiza to eat Sushi there. We stayed in for around one and half hour there, eating sushi and as am not taking my lunch yet, am really really starving thus making me look like a hungry eagle hunting for food. 

And truly deeply thank you to Miss Fiza for sponsoring our lunch fr today. May Allah reward you with something bigger in the future. Amin. Btw, we were quit in rush as we have meeting with JPA at 3.00pm. So, the makan makan moment was quite short and we were in a little rush. But by hook or by crook, we arrived 15minutes lates, approximately to the meeting but thank god it was nothing much we left. 

Me and my chemist lecturer.
Partner in crime.
yummy. Don't ask me the name, totally forgot.
I think it was udang goreng tepung with cheesy sauce. Fantastic.
One word, amazingly tasty.
White Onion slices. Love it taste abit minty.
Salmon sushi. Love it rawness.
Pregnant fish. The body is totally filled with eggs.
The tower plate. Wow, we did it alot that time.
Overall the lunch was amazing and blissful. Hopefully we can still hang out together later in the future.

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Asyraf Harun said...

hopefully! ;D
oh and btw yang lewat tu bukan the next day ka when we go to Mohd Chan tu hahah entah I aso forgot