Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teluk Batik...I'm coming

Today feel like wanna spend my blog page in english because as we know that english is very vital in nowdays communication and without good english basic, it is difficult to further studies to the oversea and to apply for job. so by writing and talking frequently in this foreign language will enhance me in english language. gramatical error is normal because im not a master in this language...
nothing to do in home like usual and our trip to Pulau Pangkor was forbid because of a few factor that can't be tell publicly. suddenly our beloved mommy come with a brilliant idea to bring all her family to Teluk batik that located just a stone throw away from our gigantic house. the green scenery along the road side were captured by the memory and will be saved long lasting. then we arrived at the scene venue and straightly headed to the yellow sand beach with thousand of shell and small rocks .the beauty of this place make us proud to be malaysians but we were astonish because of the rubbish that everywhere along the sea shore like plastik, bottle of wine and so on. OMG... so damn cruel of malaysian citizen..arghhhhhh... but never mind. without changing cloth we start to swim with free style look like skuad terbang. renang berirama. and kupu rama-rama...so happy.

the journey was really cool and we were enjoyed it so much. after we were swim for about half an hour, our experience level increase steeper because we are trying a new games that call"BANANAS BOAT". it is very extraordinary and fun. the speed and velocity of the banana boat increase rapidly second by second until it reach maximum speed and i feel like can fly into the blue sky that reflect onto the surface of the ocean.the joyfulness cannot be describe by words because it is super duper shooook...lol?? or rolf?? after speed up suddenly the boat driver make a lap to make us fall into the water meaning time up. but with efford we hold tightly to ensure we will not fall. are we fall??? we were so excited and feel wanna ride for a second time but no money no ride.

next we were walking slowly at the beach side to observe the beauty scenery of the god creation and we were surprise to find a lot of tiny organism like shell perumah and so on. the amazing discovery ws a small baby octopus.it is so cute and cute. it have lot of pore at his leg and can stick to aywhere it want including my hand. first i feel so nervous becanse in is one in the blue moon to find and feel this giant animal.
after taking a walk we decide to take lunch that had been prepared by chef asmah that can cook very well from home like nasi goreng and mihun soup. eventhough it is already cool, it is still tasty because it is tasty. then we start to put down the tent and start to pack up our thing to going home. we were enjoy by this short vacatition that have lot of unforgettable memories. we will miss teluk batik...

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