Monday, July 13, 2015

Santorini - Seputih Kapas, Sebiru Nila

We leaved Athens early in the morning, 6.30am on that day. Boarding a 9hrs ferry to Santorini. The feeling was like excited-really excited-bored-so so bored-WTH-bile nak sampai nie-die die die. But overall, the ferry fare is cheaper than the flight. So apakan daya diri ini isn't born with that kind of luxurious. Oh, one more thing making the journey more bored, it was gloomy all the way.

Gloomy day on ferry.
This is at Mykonos. Matahari shy shy cat.
We arrived at the Santorini at around 4.30pm and it will get dark at around 6.30pm atm. So, we boarded a shuttle bus heading to our accommodation to settle down for the day after a long yet "fun" ferry ride. LOL. 

Yes, we rented a car here in Santorini which make our journey and travelling so much easier. The rented car was very cheap thou; euro20 per day divided by 3. So cheap aite? Then after a long-hot shower we drove down to the Fira Town for dinner. So, as we are in Greece, I ordered a Greek Salad for sure.
A plateful of Salad at an outstanding price. Belahak kekenyangan.
Photo-ing at Fira Old Port. The breeze is sejukkk.
After about wasting half-an-hour strolling around the old port, we board a wooden ship off to Nae Kameni - an active volcano located 20minutes away from Santorini by ship.

This island is formed due to the eruption of the volcano. The island is still inhabitant atm. There was a sooty smell upon arriving the island and the smell is getting stronger and stronger as I approaching the main "kawah". Indeed this is my second time experiencing life volcano after Tangkuban Parahu back in Indonesia.

Stunning aite! Will never get tired of this view.
Porting in Nae Kameni for 45minutes.
It took around 25minutes to walk across the island - from one end to the other. There is also a hot spring here in the island and is directly flowing into the cold ocean. But due to my clumziness I'll say, forgetting the shorts causing me to unable to jump into the ocean, bermandi manda. What a bad luck aite?

Simply amazing view aite.
Main aci kejar, fefeeling kanak-kanak riang.
Bollywood style when the wind blows.
Typical view in Santorini - Fira Town.
We headed back to the port and instead of taking the 1232 stairs up to the town, we decided to ride the donkey up. Riding a donkey (tick), riding a horse pun dah ticked last time in Iceland, so after this gajah and harimau pulak. LOL.

Riding like a cowboy.
We then drove further up to the so popular small town in Oia. This place is so glamour and popular with it's white-blue building and it's sunsetting sun. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to observe this grand and amazing view with my very own naked eyes. The sky might be a little cloudy on the day, still it is beautiful.

That is ME.
Goldenity at it best.
On the very next day, the trip getting more hectic as we drove down the entire south. Making few obligatory stops and few un-intentional stops, just because the view is too beautiful.

Here are the photo from the stops I made;

Red Beach.
Black Beach.
Coastal pathway.
Taken from the highest point in Santorini.
ATV-ing otw back to hostel.
 After a quick nap and shower, we then returned the car and then walked to Fira (20minutes walk) just to enjoy the sunset one more time. The weather is much better than the previous day making the sun setting seem more glorious.

Then, we walked the entire Fira Town, rambling thru all the small alleys, jumping from one shops to the next, looking for cheapest souvenir.

After two hours wandering, we went to the end of Fira town to enjoy the sunset. Totally amazing.

Sun set in Fira.
Can you see part of the sun BALL.
The sunset mark the end of my mid-term break as we then walked back to hostel, slept and fly back to Dublin the very next morning at 0900.

Lemme summed the post with the cliche photo of Santorini that I can't still get over with. It is just too beautiful. A very nice place to live at old age.

Along the cliff.
Panoramic aite.

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