Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kisah Spring Seasons

OK, everything was super duper buzi after the mid term break. What not, it was T - 60 days to finals. As I had been damn buzi on the first part of semester, with Mnite especially, this is the time to redeem back the time for books, lecture notes and extra reading. Dengan harapan untuk lulus atas pagar with a little excellency lah kan. 

But yet, as a student, weekend must be occupied with activities berfaedah dan mencambahkan minda. Thus, I'd been travelling/visiting/hanging around (just in Ireland lah) for a sweet short escapade. Manakan bisa studi tanpa henti aite. Even a machine needs a break, inikan manusia.

1. Belfast

With the ambitions of competing in Bowling Tournament of Belfast Games terkubur due to miscommunication, so alang-alang already in Belfast, I did a quick strolled and visited to some must go place here. Basically, this was my second time here.

Queens University, Belfast.
Belfast City Hall.
The popular Titanic Museum. Entrance fee adalah too expensive =(.
2. Piknik

A simple picnic, just me and Fareez for breakfast at St Stephen Green. The weather on that day wasn't so beautiful but we managed to eat the delicious and scrumptious Mee Goreng Mamak prep by Fareez. Thanks for the delish fried noodles. Following the breakfast, we both went to RCSI and played squash for about an hour. Amazing experience indeed.

Spring bloomz.
The sinfully good Mee Goreng Mamak.
Partner in crime. Guilty as charged!!!
 3. Med Gala

Photo of the night.
Dengan semangat ingin merasa, I paid 20euro something to attend this event. The food wasn't that bad thou and love the finger food that circling around all night long. Might not cover the entire cost but totally worth the "pengalaman" thou. 

The event - mehh sahaja.

4. Killiney Hills and Beach

Located just an hour from UCD, this place is indeed so beautiful. Thankfully sempat discovered before heading back to Malaysia. LOL.

Cherry blossoms.
So, as planned, me and Abbas headed off at around 11 after me finish kemas rumah a little (which mean takde pun kemas, harapan ajer). Hot-hot chicken poops ajer.

After kemas. Naturally, my house memang kemas
Before we went to the hills and beach, we singgah sebentar at the food festival held by UCD graduates, grabbing all the free stuffs ie breads, berries, finger food etc. Fuel-ed up before head to the beach aite.

UCD food festival.
With the thought that we can swim in the beach, we totally got dissapointed. Sememangnye tidak mampu as the water is almost freezing cold and the wave as well wasn't so inviting. Worse, nobody was swimming there atm.

So, as already there, main acah-acah manje ajelah with the water and bad news; my shoes got soaked with the salt water. Menchix.

Bad moves; alert -alert. 
Then we went up the hill and the view was just - Allahu.

Killiney Beach.
Spring had sprung.
One more, with ME in it. Btw, spot the Sugarloaf Mountain at the back.
 5. Teh Tarik Evening

As a newly elected event officer, I managed to organised this super intense yet well paid event I'll say. Proud of myself indeed. Who don't love food aite.

With les committee.
 In all, this semester had been amazing with the forever blooming flower.

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